01/14/2021 Current Affairs Express by Himalaya UK

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01/14/2021 Current Affairs Express by Himalaya UK

1. Mr. Miles Guo Getter: January 14, 2021: The CCP’s hackers attacked Attorney office’s web in the United States and CCP’s hacking challenges American Homeland Security and puts every country in the world in danger. Once again, our Whistleblower Movement keeps fighting furiously for justice against the evil CCP. We will win this battle and we are going to bring the CCP to an international trial to denounce what they did to the people in this whole world.

  1. Biden will take inauguration on January 20th with 99.9% possibility, but still Trump is going to win in this battle 100%. It takes time and political wisdom.
  2. The virus comes from the Wuhan laboratory as a biological weapon, and CCP is accountable and should be responsible for what happened.
  3. Great news is coming soon.

2. The Lude News reported that Trump had just issued an executive order to supplement an amendment to the 10th November sanctions on listed companies and financial systems controlled by the CCP military.

✒️Comment: This move hits not only on the CCP, but also on Wall Street, who provides technology and financial support for the CCP. It shows Trump's courage to fight for justice.

3. The Lude News reported that the Italian Prime Minister Conte is about to resign. His successor might be Salvini, who is Bannon’s good friend and a member of the righ-wing coalition. He retweeted Dr. Yan last year.

✒️Comment: From the Vatican to Italy, a global anti-reset alliance has formed.

4. CCTV News: Breaking Broadcast+丨 To take advantage of the trend, Xi Jinping starts the new year this way

✒️Comment: You can get a glimpse of the mental state of the chief accelerator at that time, as he kept on repeating his old materials. "It's a good time for those who should take advantage of it and can't lose it."

5. Xinhua News: Breaking News of the Day - Centralized isolation sites are being built in Shijiazhuang

✒️Comment: “The construction site is located in Guying Village, Zhufutun Town, Wenzheng Street, Zhengding County. It covers an area of about 500 mu.” 500 mu is about the size of 40 football fields. How many people are going to be put in this? This could be another Fangcang hospital tragedy, which means once people get in, they would never leave alive...

6. China Economic Net: Shanghai is speeding up the construction of an international digital capital

✒️Comment: The CCP’s digital construction layout still seems to be domineered by the Jiang’s family.

7. Beijing News: Mr. Xiang who is suspected to kill a Judge in Hunan was once involved in a labor dispute and accused of his stubborn personality.

✒️Comment: A classic example how CCP’s propaganda works: CCP never explains the fundamental reasons for conflicts. Why could labor rights not be protected? Why could societal conflicts not be mitigated? What CCP can only say is "this person has a character problem".

8. Breaking: What is worth eating: China's spicy food chain of shame, which province can laugh till last and not be shamed?

✒️Comment: Common tactics of CCP’s media plays: anything can be put in a chain of shame. It encourages people to fight and despise each other. No one province can laugh till last except for the CCP.

9. Today's headline: Experts: Pork price may reduce back down to five yuan a catty! As long as two difficulties are overcome, the production capacity can grow exponentially!

✒️Comment: In the words of five cents who are owned by CCP: Can chicken soup be eaten?

10. Hot search on Weibo: #Central Broadcast criticizes Ding Zheng’s smoking#

✒️Comment: This is a great example of how CCP manipulates over everything. CCP says public figures who smoke violates "public order and good customs." If so, should the state-owned Chinese tobacco enterprise with an annual income of nearly 200,000 per capita be banned?

11. Sina Finance: Asia's richest man "resigns": Zhong Suisui resigns as chairman of Wantai BioPharm

✒️Comment: Wantai BioPharm’s stock has soared because of the CCP's "vaccine". Zhong Sui-sui may not want to follow Jack Ma’s step and “disappear”.

12.NetEaser: What happens in Europe: CCP makes the most vicious move! Double negative tests are suddenly required, and millions of overseas Chinese returning home are dumbfounded!

✒️Comment: It is very in line with the nature of the CCP: they constantly raise threshold in every field, such like 5-digit flight ticket that basically robs you. The CCP overseas brainwashed patriots who should be more dumbfounded since they thought they had war Wolf who could take them back to the CCP.

13. Neteaser: Broadcast: National People’s Congress (NPC) representatives suggested that "all retirees should be managed by local community".

✒️Comment: It means that the CCP government is not going to support retirees anymore! "Trust the government" is a joke and lie. How much longer will retirees believe in these lies?

14. Observer.com: British Prime Minister Johnson expressed his views on Sino-British relations and warned the British to not blindly commit anti-China crime

✒️Comment: We are against CCP, not China. The CCP's internal or external propaganda binds CCP and China all the time. This is engine of CCP’s propaganda machine.

15. Tweet: Dilangzhong (Wen Hai): "As early as April or May in 2020, when the mainstream media fully suppressed hydroxychloroquine, Musk once tweeted to highly recommend hydroxychloroquine. Justice will prevail.”

✒️Comment: Fellow warrior Dilangzhong discovered that Elon Musk tweeted in May to highly recommend hydroxychloroquine treatment for the CCP virus. He tweeted that some very smart friends recommended it to him. Based on what Lude talked about in those days, my guess is that Musk may also be a fellow warrior of our Whistleblower Movement.

16. Tweet: Secret Translation Team: Chuck Callesto‘sTweet: A Michigan judge ordered the Democratic Secretary of State to publish all correspondence with Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google

✒️Comment: Following arrests of Biden team’s election fraudsters in Michigan and Texas, Trump team officially starts to fight back.

18. Tweet: RudolphWest: US Department of Justice: MIT Professor Chen Gang was charged with research fund fraud because he did not disclose that he was working for China when he applied to the US Department of Energy. …

✒️Comment: Based on the two cases of arrests of Chinese professors, the United States has started closing the net and fetching the birds.

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