The Immune System By Cedar Hopkins

Immune System- body system that removes harmful organisms from the blood and combats pathogens

The immune system is composed of lymph, lymph nodes, lymph vessels, tonsils, the thymus gland, and the spleen.

Pathogen is a disease. White blood cells attack pathogens. Pathogens are filtered into the lymph.

Lymph- clear liquid that surrounds body cells and circulates in lymph vessels.

Harmful pathogens are carried to the lymph nodes.

Lymph Node- structure that filters and destroys pathogens.

Spleen- organ on the left side of the abdomen that filters foreign matter from blood and lymph.

Immunity- body's resistance to disease-causing agents.

White blood cells are formed in bone marrow and circulate in the blood.

White blood cells are changed to T cells within the thymus gland.

T cell- white blood cell that destroys pathogens.
B cell is another kind of specialized white blood cell that produces antibodies.
A special protein that helps fight infection is an antibody.


1. Choose foods that are high in protein and vitamin B!
2. Keep accurate records of all immunization!
3. Get plenty of rest and sleep!
4. Exercise to keep bones dense and to protect bone marrow!

ALL INFORMATION IS FROM Meeks Heit Health & Wellness McGraw Hill/Glencoe written by Linda Brower Meeks!

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