Frequency - decide how often to train per week. (Beginners 2-3, elite 4-5)

Intensity - choose how hard to train.

Time - decide for how long to train per session. (Also the time for the whole program such as how many weeks)

Type - decide which methods of training to use.

Specific: What kind/type of activity you will do. Which part of your body will it help.

Adaptation: When your body will slowly adapt to the activity. Time depending on how hard you train and how long you do it for.

Imposed: To force your body to get used to the activity. Doing it for a long time to get used to.

Demand: When you get your body to do something it is not used to do. It will slowly get used to it/adapt to it.


FITT Push-ups

F: 3 times a week. I: Hard Core T: 20 minutes T: Spine, Muscles, & Leg/feet positions

SAID Sit-ups

S: Spine/Back A: Beginner Training & 20 sit-ups per day I: Set goal to do sit-ups for 6 months. D: Depends on how your pace your body goes to. Everybody has a different pace.

Grade 8's would benefit from this because they can make goals on what time they want to spend and how long they want to it for. The students can use this to exercise daily by setting your goals based on time management, body pace, strength, fatness. It can help them become more stronger into to doing the activities so it motivates them to keep on going till they reach there goal. There goal could be losing weight, becoming more stronger in some sport or activity.


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