Archeology DIG Blueberry Site April 2017

KVAHC Meeting

Crystal River Site - Culture and History

Presenting - Nigel Rudolph

Crystal River site
  • Mound c-f main burial complex
  • Mound f is a large mound
  • Found copper breasts plates, ear spools etc. in the conical mound F
  • Mound H is a rectangular platform mound with a long ramp
  • Mound a is a large platform mound that used to have a long ramp
  • Mound k and j small midden mound (catfish, mullet etc.)
  • Midden b is three feet high
  • Trading spot
  • Got hired by big museums like Smithsonian
  • Rating burial mound and lagoons
  • Did amazing artifact drawings (the travel of CB. Moore is a Book he wrote)
  • He was called Donut Moore because he dug out artifacts and ended up with a circle of debris around him
Ridley Bullen
  • Dug out of the burial mound and extensively destroyed the burial mound and discovered 200 bodies
Main Burial Complex
  • Has sand from the Gulf of Mexico, four miles away
  • Area E has local pottery and blankets of oyster shells that covered the people
  • Area C also had local pottery
  • Mound F had fancy artifacts
  • 70% was rebuilt because of the destruction
  • Mound C is 100 meters across (4 foot and 10 feet wide)
  • Mound E is 20 meters wide
  • Excavated my Moore and Bullen
Biggs Mound Kentucky
  • Ceremonial center
  • Same time period where crystal river was being occupied
Mound H
  • 15 feet tall
  • No other mound shaped like this one in the United States
  • Excavated by Bullen
  • Oyster shell sand to have good support for structures
  • Mound H and A are across from each other and are just below the milky way and can see the it at night very clearly
Mound G
  • Small
  • 5 feet tall
  • Made out of sand
  • It was built at the same time as the burial complex
  • Bullen excavated over 30 burials in the 1960
Stele at Crystal River
  • A carved large chunks of rock
  • Limestone
  • Only stele 1 has carvings
  • Sitting on a bed of cottle stones
  • Excavation was done and found broken ceramics, charcoal etc.
  • Deterating very quickly
  • Lichen was there at first and protected items
What's next?
  • New interpretive signage
  • All based on imagery coming from the mural

The dig

Artifact Bags

Record Level Forms


  • Hilary
  • Isaac
  • Gabbie
  • Siyona
  • Misty
  • Ashely
  • Sam
  • Josue
  • Mr. Davis
  • Dr. Butler
  • Ms. Anita


This was probably one of my favorite digs of the year. We did a lot of weeding for most of the time but it was still fun. Over 30 flakes were found during this excavation. What a record! It has been fun working on this new unit so far and I can't wait until our final dig.

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