Portfolio Diana Zenteno


I really liked this activity because it was so much fun making a story.


I loved this activity, because i felt like it was an actual movie and i had to make it sound real.

Short Story

I liked this activity because i really liked the story we picked.


I found the videos very interesting and fun to watch.


I really enjoyed making this because it was like a mini diary where i could write about lots of different things.


I had fun doing this activity because the images were so bizarre and so much fun to try and figure out if they were actually real or not.


Created with images by teamLumondi - "daisies flower spring" • Dan Zen - "Happy Holiday" • blondinrikard - "Happy" • esiul - "plant nature live" • c_H - "Photo" • AlexanderStein - "paper crepe crepe paper" • a.affleck - "sky"

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