Jenna Art Portfolio Modern Design 2016-2017

Intro: I have been attending Smith Middle school for the past 2 years now. I have discovered new ways to create art through all the different classes I have had the opportunity to take. I have put all my skills I have learned over the years together to create this. You are about to see my digital portfolio I have created! Enjoy!

Classes that have helped me evolve:

Reflection of classes and my work:

I have taken many art classes here at Smith, but my first class was 3-D art in 7th grade. Going into this class I was really excited because I love making art using my hands. I learned some really important elements of creating a sculpture like structure and contrast. My favorite project that we did in that class was using paper maché to build a mask because you can peesonalze it so much to your liking, and even have a steady theme.

My group's season themed masks, mine is the second one in from the left that represents spring.

Then, in 8th grade I took design your space. Entering this class I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it actually ended up being one of my favorite classes. The most importnat things that I learned were several elements of design, including the meaning behind different colors. The things I learned in this class actually helped me as I began my modern design class while I was designing my package with certain colors. My favorite project in this class was when we created our own pillowcase!

(From left to right) the color guide I used, my planning sheet for my pillow case, and the color wheel I used

Another class I took was art smart in 8th grade. Starting this class I didnt think it would peak my interest, however I was wrong. I ended up really enjoying thus class. The most important things I learned were just tye basics of drawing and art. I ,earned more about the importance of contrast and form. My favorite project was when we drew a shell large scale using several elements of art such as line, value, shape, etc,. I liked this project the most because it gave me a chance to practice the different techniques.

(From left to right) the project I am currently working on, the shell I recreated in a large scale drawing
Creative Process

My favorite part of the creative process is definatly the presenting part of it. I like this because I get to see what all my hard work and effort payed off into. I also love presenting my finished product to others just to feel proud of my work! Below are some of my favorite finished products I have created.

I made the spring theme mask in my 7th grade 3-D art class, the oreo re-package design is from my 8th grade modern design class, and the ocean inspired bowl is from my 8th grade sculpture class
My favorite artist

My favorite artist is Georgia O'Keeffe. I like her work the best becuase of the perspective she paints from. She really blows up the image, and it allows for a lot more detail when you get so close. I also love what she paints, more naturally occuring objects, more specifically, her flowers. I especially love her painting Hibiscus with Plumeria. I love the color combinations she uses, and it adds so much contrast and emphasis.

Hibiscus with Plumeria (ft. above) This is my favorite piece by Georgia because of the color combinations and the contrasting colors.
In summary

The classes I have been lucky enough to take in the Glastonbury Public School system art department have improved my artistic ability. Not only that, but it has opened my eyes to more expression through art, amd that you dont have to necesarily be good at drawing or sculpture to truly enjoy and understand art!

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