Teacher Interview Featuring Mr. Johnson. by kaitlyn elliott

Transcript for Teacher Interview

Me: “What made you decide to become a teacher?”

Mr. Johnson: “I actually decided the last day of my high school career, my dad was a teacher and so I knew the rewards that came with it, like getting to see kids who were low achievers become high achievers, or seeing high achievers reach their goals, or seeing kids turn things around and graduate, just those awesome things that go along with helping out kids.”

Me: “Okay, what do you like most about teaching?”

Mr. Johnson: “The big moments like when kids say thank you for teaching them or when you get to witness huge moments like graduation or passing the class they didn’t think they would pass. Just tings and just getting to see how much you guys grow over the years, really mature and learn things.”

Me: “Okay, did you ever have a different plan like to become something different?”

Mr. Johnson: “When I was in high school, all throughout high school, I wanted to be a personal trainer, and I changed my mind at the last minute. For the same reason though, I wanted to help people, I thought it would be to help people, but that was physically helping people. Now this is more mentally and socially helping people as a teacher, so similar things.”

Me: “Why did you want to teach Math?”

Mr. Johnson: “I’m really good at it and it’s very important, and I think one of my strengths as a teacher is how well I can connect with students, and I was hopeful that my connections with students would help them to see that math is not the bad guy. Math is around us everywhere, high able math, low able math, we use it all the time. And I just wanted to kind of make math fun again for kids and hopefully show them how important it is.”

Me: “Tell me about what you do in your free time. What do you like to do on the weekends?”

Mr. Johnson: “I play a lot of video games, mostly first person shooters. I watch football. Once football season is over I watch basketball, and I hang out with my wife and my daughter. We go all over the place together.”

Me: “What’s your favorite restaurant?”

Mr. Johnson: If we’re talking a little pricier I would say Texas Road House. If we’re talking I’m hungry do you wanna go eat somewhere I’d probably say Freddy’s.”

Me: “What do you enjoy most?”

Mr. Johnson: “About life?”

Me: “Just like in general. Like What’s your favorite thing.”

Mr. Johnson: “Umm.”

Me: “Like hanging out with family? Or...?”

Mr. Johnson: “Like, I mean, I love being with my wife and my daughter. Doesn’t really matter what we’re doing. I am going to enjoy that. I love football so coaching, and playing, watching, doesn’t matter what it is. I love football. Those are the two biggest things probably. Family and football.”

Me: “Okay, how about your family. How long have you and your wife been together?”

Mr. Johnson: “Um…July of 2015, so not quit two years. That’s when we got married.”

Me: “Okay, how many children do you guys have?”

Mr. Johnson: “One, just had a daughter in November.”

Me: “Do you get to spend a lot of time with them?”

Mr. Johnson: “Not as much as I would like, but yeah quite a bit. She works part time so when I’m home, she’s home. There’s not a lot of crossing paths or anything. If I get home she is home so we do spend a lot of time together.”

Me: “Did you make good grades, like when you were in school?”

Mr. Johnson: Oh yeah, had a 4.19 GPA in high school, college I had a 3.84 GPA, But I worked really hard. My first semester of college was not great.”

Me: “Okay, what part of school did you like or dislike?”

Mr. Johnson: “I don’t think I really disliked anything, there was times when I was really bored. I got bored in most of my English classes, because I am a good reader, but I don’t really like to read so I would get bored a lot in those classes, but I loved this class called advanced P.E. that was the all fun parts of regular P.E. without all the crappy partsof regular P.E and that was a blast. And I just loved being around my friends all day.”

Me: “Were you a very quiet person or loud?”

Mr. Johnson: “I could be loud if I’m with my friends but I’m usually quiet especially in situations when I don’t know everybody or if there is people consider to be higher up than me, like bosses, or older people. I don’t really say much.”

Me: “Did you get in trouble in school or were you a good kid?”

Mr. Johnson: “I never got sent to the principals in high school. I did one time in middle school. It wasn’t a huge deal, but I deserved the punishment. I was a good kid for the most part.”

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