Good Life Nature Activity: Tour of the Frog Exhibit By Diana Jose

All of the pictures in this story are taken by me in the Frog Rain Forest the Florida Museum of Natural History. Disclaimer: My front camera is broken so it's difficult to get pictures of myself with the exhibit. I did it regardless, but I took pictures of only the exhibit to compensate. Some of the pictures are edited with Pic Collage.

Nature on Display: This is a picture of a frog skeleton. Te structure of the frog skeleton is optimal for jumping. Its legs are very long and bent, almost like a spring. The exhibit said that the hind legs are used for explosive jumps, while the front legs are short and heavy so that they can absorb shock when landing. This exhibit was in a corner. It's bigger than the other exhibits, and the lighting emphasizes it's presence in the museum.
Picture of myself net to the laboratory frog exhibit.
Nature and Ethics: The entire museum's purpose is to raise awareness on the vulnerability of these animals. The line of evolution has made it this far, and has resulted in amazing creatures like the ones shown above. Humans have a moral responsibility to be considerate to the environment so that other forms of life can continue to exist, as it has for millions of years. If this is not reason enough, the museum gives other reasons as to why the environment and wildlife should be conserved. The picture above is that of a laboratory frog. According to the text in the museum exhibit, these frogs are often used in research to since they grow quickly and are easy to raise. They have been used to experiment with cloning and to study muscle function.
Picture of me next to the sticky fingers exhibit.
Nature and the Human Spirit: I have had a rough history with frogs, ever since I was a child. Under normal circumstances, if I were to ever lay eyes on a frog, I'd run for the hills. However, I did not do run away because they are behind cages and are harmless this way. I got to learn more about them while not being intimidated by them, which was good. They are actually marvelous creatures. The frogs pictured above are called "sticky fingers" since they have tiny follicles in their fingers that allow them to stick to anything. According to the exhibit information on them, they can even stick to a tree branch from one toe and hang upside-down. In retrospect, the museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives because we get to comfortably see the the awesome and diverse life that this planet fosters.

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