Andrew Carnegie: Captain of Industry


Andrew Carnegie was very philanthropic with his wealth gathered from his steel company "Carnegie Steel". He build Carnegie Hall, a music theater in New York City.

Carnegie Hall at night
Pictures of Carnegie's steel plants in Homestead, PA and Pittsburg, PA

Steel company

Carnegie's steel company was the one of the single company's to launch America into the modern generation by allowing buildings to soar in height and the railroad to flourish into the most used mode of transport in America

Steel allowed building's to go higher and last longer

Started from nothing

Above: Carnegie's Childhood home Below: His mansion

Carnegie started from a little house in Scotland with nothing and took risks that everyone else thought wouldn't pay off but eventually made him one of the richest men ever.

Bill Gates


Bill Gates has donated 99% of his 83.6 billion net worth, that's 84 billion dollars going toward his charity that is committed to helping children in Africa.

Photographs of Bill Gates


Microsoft was build by Bill Gates and build the software industry as it was the first major software program, Windows, it was started on April 4, 1795.

Microsoft building (left) Microsoft Logo (right)

Built his company from nothing

Bill Gates build Microsoft in 1975 in an era where the only computers were the size of rooms. But with Microsoft jumping on to the national stage Personal Computers (P.C.) were soon to be found in almost every house in America

Windows XP (top left) Windows 7 (top right) Windows 8 (bottom right) Windows 10 (bottom left)

Bill Gates was able to create one of the most widely used operating systems in an era when none of that existed. That is why he is also a captain of industry.


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