War of Roses By Tyson parker

The House of York

The House of York is represented by a white rose, three of the members became king in the late 15th century. The Kings were: Edward V, Richard lll, and Edward IV.

The House of Lancaster

The House of Lancaster is represented by a red rose, they also had three of there members become king in the 15th century. The three kings were: King Henry IV, King Henry V, and King Henry VI

King Henry VI VS. King Edward IV

King Henry VI had a good claim to his throne but was not a good warrior, he lost the Hundred Years War. After the loss he allowed England to fall into Lawlessness and criminality.

King Edward IV took the throne from King Henry VI in 1461, he was an inspiring military leader, his family believed King Henry VI was not fit to be king. King Edward IV won great battles and never lost a battle on English soil. He was a wise and capable king.

King Henry VI on the left, King Edward IV on Right

Is King Edward lll guilty?

Some evidence could prove that he is guilty such as the fact that the two princes he was said to have murdered were never seen again after being locked up in a tower, also 200 years later they found 2 bodies under the stairs in the tower.

But he may also not be guilty because he was known to be a loyal brother and charming, also the story of him being a murderer could've been made up by his enemies who disliked him.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Richard lll and Henry Tudor fought, Henry Tudor won the battle and then married into the York line. Richard lll was killed in the battle by a blow to the head with an ax.

Henry Tudor and the House of Tudor.

Henry was the first Tudor King, he managed to bring peace to England after defeating Richard lll. One of the reasons he manged to bring peace was by marrying into the York line. The Tudor rose is a white rose surrounded by a red rose.


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