What does it take to change the world? by perun simic

Bill gates went through a hard time in school but still took a risk of doing something very hard. creating microsoft

Jeff Bezos took a risk by quiting his job and tried to make his own company

It took 12 hours for bill gates to create microsoft! He did lots of work but he still tried to create it and he even did it more than once!

Jeff bezos took a risk by trying to improve his company and putting more than books on it

Changing the world means helping people when there live is at risk because it will tell people to help people in need


Before people inspired are world had no computers or anything but when people like ted talk inspired people more and more people took risks

Taking risks is what created are world

The most important thing about changing the world is presenting your idea to first people you know than more and more and more people and that is how you change the world


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