MAPS Newsletter 13th march 2020

Book Fair - Monday 16th March to Thursday 19th March

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to MAPS and it will be open from 3:30pm to 4pm, Monday to Thursday

Parents evening:

• 30th March: 3.45 – 5.45 and 6.00 – 7.00

• 1st April: 3.45 – 5.45

Bookings will be made via My Child At School (MCAS) more information to follow early next week

Online safety - Fornite

With the increasing digital world and the popularity of gaming, we would like to remind you that Fortnite has an age-restriction of 12+. This legal age restriction is in place as the content of this game is not deemed appropriate for any person younger than 12 (this is all of the pupils at MAPS). Therefore if your child is playing Fortnite we ask you to reconsider these choices. If you are happy for your child to play the game, then as parents you will need to supervise the online activity. It is strongly recommend that the online chat featured is turned off.

Over the past week we have seen a rise in discussion around 'party battles' online and children wanting to play Fornite in the playground. Our behaviour policy does not tolerate any form of 'rough play' and therefore the actions seen within Fortnite is not play that we encourage here at MAPS.

We also cannot have any memorabilia (figures, clothing or books) that represent anything related to Fortnite because as a school we are encouraging children to remain safe and to play games that are deemed appropriate to their age range.

Please support us with this by following recommendations and supervising any online activity, which includes chat via headsets. We will continue to give the same messages to the children during our PSHE sessions.

If you have any concerns or would like any further advice you can visit: www.commonsensemedia.org, www.saferinternet.org.uk or you can speak with Miss Brown or Miss Hives.

Many thanks for your support.

As we are not in school on Saturday 21st March, we are inviting our children to wear ‘odd socks’ on Friday 20th March!

We look forward to seeing your bright, colourful socks.

We will be opening this day as a Mufti Day for everyone too – we ask that you join us in donating an Easter Egg to our Miracle of Kindness activities rather than a usual monetary donation for a Mufti Day.

Update on MAPS Sensory Den

The latest…

• DRET are taking forward 3 of the 4 quotes we have provided, to make sure they capture everything.

• Miss Hives is continuing to engage with the DRET directors to help push this project forward, get it as a top priority for the Trust.

• We’ll be meeting next with DRET at the beginning of April.

So how was the pub quiz I hear you ask?

A massive success!! Thank you so much to everyone who got involved in helping to raise……


An awesome amount of money and a massive step towards our goal! Thank you to all quizzers.

There’s still plenty you can do to help - get involved by making a standalone charitable donation using this link:


You can also make a donation via your corporation if you run or own a business (charity no. 1061754)

Get in touch - If you have any further fundraising ideas, want to get involved or want to know a bit more, please do get in touch - mapssensoryden@gmail.com

Join FoMAPS after school on Friday 27th March for some Easter fun when they will be holding MAPS's very first egg hunt! A chocolate tombola and refreshments will also be available in the school hall. Easter egg hunt - £1 per person with everyone getting a prize at the end.

Dear Parents and Carers,

You will have received email correspondence regarding the recent COVID-19 guidance. I would like to personally reassure you that we working closely with the Department for Education and Public Health England with the David Ross Education Trust and following all given policy.

In addition, we have spoken to the children about keeping calm and being aware. “We are aware of it. We are not scared of it”.

We are continuing with day to day health routines too:

• Wash hands regularly

• Anti-bacterial soap and tissues readily available in classes

• Hand sanitiser situated around school

• Cough and sneeze into elbows

• Catch it – bin it – kill it guidance

We have also told children to speak to their teacher if they have a cough, feel hot or feel unwell. We have explained that teachers will carry out an initial assessment and if a teacher notices they are warm, we would send them to paediatric first aider who will check their temperature. If the child has a temperature or dry, consistent new cough we will inform parents and we recommend they self-isolate, as per public health guidelines.

As a school we would also like to share the following guidance with you that we have received:

• Where a child is absent in relation to Covid-19, parents should put in writing via email or MCAS the reasons for the absence.

• Any child with a new cough or high temperature (37/8 degrees) should self-isolate for 7 days.

• No need to call 111 to self-isolate

• If symptoms worsen or last longer than 7 days call 111

We have been receiving questions regarding family contact and isolations, at the moment the advice is that is not necessary to self-isolate if a family member is self-isolating. This may change over the coming weeks and we will ensure that we will send out updates as and when they are delivered.

Kindest regards,

Miss J.D. Hives

Next week will be the Key Stage 1 assembly