Energy Conversions By Maria

Types/Forms Of Energy

Potential and Kinetic Energy

There are two main forms of energy: Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy

There are six main types. Heat which is kinetic. Light is also kinetic. Electrical energy is potential and kinetic. chemical energy is potential and kinetic. Finally, Nuclear is potential.

Six Main Forms of Energy

Energy Conversions

A example of energy conversions is the generator. The generator converted your chemical energy in your body, To mechanical while turning the crank. The mechanical energy is converted into electricity. the electricity is converted into light.


Another example is a glow-stick. The chemicals in the glow-stick is converted to light.


Finally, the last example is a hand-warmer. The hand-warmers chemicals are turned heat.


Food pantry system

Our System

Our system is a sideways pulley. When you turn the crank the chemical energy inside your body is coverted ito mechanical energy. This helped people not get a sore back to while takng the boxes inside the food pantry.

results of THE test

Our test was successful. But, it was very slow. It probably was very slow because The box was very heavy. I learned that the ramp we made didn't really help. I learned that the more chemical energy converted in mechanical energy the faster the box will go but the person will become more tired.



I think we could make a better crank instead of a blue thing. We could also remove the axles because we didn't really need them. We should make the walls wider so we can convert less chemical energy into mechanical and we can be even less tired. Finally we should make a more tilted ramp so it will be easier to pull and we can covert less energy and we can be less tired.

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