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Why Photography?

Since coming to Mercy I have dreamed of taking photography class, because I've always loved taking pictures. I was never able to fit this class into my schedule, until this year, senior year. With this class, I hoped to expand my knowledge and improve my photography skills, since mine were just the bare minimum.

Depth of Field and Lighting

The smaller photos are two examples of long and short depth of field. The left photo displays long depth of field because the water bottle and pencil bag (the background) are in focus. The right photo shows a short depth of field because only the water bottle and pencil bag (the subject) are in focus, meaning the background is blurred.

When going into photography I had no idea what depth of field even was! I found this topic really interesting and fun to play around with.

The larger two images show different portrait lighting. The top photo illuminates the subject, emphasizing the shadows around her nose. When looking at it, you can also see the catch light in her eyes. The bottom photo shows an example of Rembrandt lighting. The way you can tell the lighting is Rembrandt is that there is a little triangle of shadow and highlight on the subject's cheek.

On the topic of lighting, I learned about all the different types of lighting that can be used. To me, Rembrandt lighting was my favorite because I didn't really understand what it would look like until I actually took the photo.


To optimize this image I cropped, brightened, and vignetted it. By doing this, I put more focus on the product itself, instead of just the background.

Without Optimizing
With Optimizing

Favorite Project!

Portrait Project

I think I learned the most during Project 5, taking portraits. I learned the importance of making sure there is some catch light in the eyes of the subject, and how important lighting is. I really enjoyed this project, and was very excited with how the photos turned out!

When Will I Use This?

The project that I will most likely try again would be the MONARCHS project. I really enjoyed looking for letters in uncommon or unusual places. I also liked editing the letters to make them fit with my theme of other photos.

Special Effects Project: Portrait with Text

Class of 2017
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