How about a little color ? SO BORING AND DULL, LETS GET SOME COLOR IN Garginger HS

Here at Garinger, It's so serious and boring, Maybe if we spice it up a bit we can have a little more fun at school

We could get get some professional artist here and create some cool hallway art, Make our school different from all the other schools

We could even have some students create beautiful art work for not just out hallway but even for the classrooms . Not everything has to be traditional ...

We don't have to do graffiti either we can just paint too . We can paint different colors int different building . And maybe some graffiti in the main areas .

Why is probably a good question. Color in the schools can simply approve :

  • Attendance - I'm sure attendance is a true problem in this high school as it is in any other high school, bringing joy and some excitement would probably bring up the attendance school 10%

We can also create inspirational quotes from students, teachers or even famous quotes that we find off the internet. Inspirational quotes can help in courage students to succeed in life. Not only students but staff members as well.

We can accomplish this goal by fundraising every year until we complete our goal

We can do things like :

  • A lemonade stand: make a bunch of fresh lemonade and sell it at school or even at a local park
  • Bake sale: we can go to Sam's club and by whole sale items and sale them during lunch
  • Car wash: we can make fliers and put them up to create some attention, we can then do a car wash in our bus lot .
  • T-shirt sale : we can create costum t-shirts and
  • Online donation
  • Games night: Bring some cool games like an C-box or Play station and let the kids have some fun.
  • School dance
  • Talent show
  • Book sales

With a little help, creative things can happen if we all work together

Created By
Saudia Bey


Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "Reykjavik" • Piano Piano! - "Old School Graffiti Art Eindhoven" • cdsessums - "UF Norman Hall Desks Classroom" • Editor B - "Why?" • GIANTsqurl - "Inspirational Quote"

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