Cause and Effect of exploration By Bobby Gayhart

After the crusades ended and the christian empire's had their fill of spices and resources from asia they wanted more. Christopher Columbus was the first one who attempted to find Asia and when he arrived in the Americas he thought it was Asia, and until the day he died he thought it was Asia. The first person recorded that went to Asia was Vasco da Gama and Bartolomeu Dias, They were the first people that got to asia by an all route. They got to Asia after discovering Brazil, they were down about half of their original fleet which was 13 ships. So those 2 dudes weren't the first people they were most likely the captains of all the ships that discovered Asia.
Trade routes were the direct effect of the men mentioned above getting to asia. These are known as the spice trade (that's what the christians wanted after the crusades), the list of spices that was exported from Asia was cinnamon, cassia, cardamom, ginger, pepper, and turmeric. The trade routes doesn't have a date of when it started but it is said that roman trade was high for three centuries and declined. It sparked back up in the 5th century and then submerged again in the 6th century. So these trade routes were used for about 5 to 6 centuries.
Technology was another one of the big reasons that exploration was caused. Some of the Tech that they invented was new ships so they could explore more. There were also compases that were made during this time so they figure out where they were when they were exploring. Some more tools for latitude and longitude, so these were also tools for navigation. Then there were the Tech that they wanted from places like Asia.
The Black plague started before the age of exploration but it also extend until the end of the age of exploration. Other diseases were also spread through exploration sense the natives to the lands that they were visiting were immune to the diseases but the explorers weren't. So the most known disease was the black death and the reason it didn't spread was because of the ocean. The Black plague was spread by fleas, rats, waterways, other bodies being launched over walls, stuff like that.


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