On May 5 of 1955 at 7:10pm, the worst ever recorded thunderstorm took place in the city of Fortworth, Texas.

In Tarrant county, there was an event called the Mayfest taking place right as the lightening striked and thunder started.

With a large amount of people at this festival, there was not much space to hide or cover, leaving many people without shelter and stuck in clear sight of the thunder. Because of these 10,000 plus people unprotected, over 60 people were severely injured and had to be rushed to the hospital.

While the storm took placed, more and more people made it safely inside, reducing their risk of injury and death.

The weather included heavy and intense rainfall and hail the size of softballs.

Although no one as Mayfest was killed by the weather, others unfortunately died.

Sadly, 2 people drowned, 2 struck by lightning, 2 by rainfall causing a roof to collapse, and another 15 because of flood waters.

In Dallas county, over 2.25 inches of rain was received in just under 15 minutes causing large amounts of flooding and over 350 cars to be damaged.

A thunderstorm like this would've been caused by cold air rising and water vapor condensing to make clouds. When this happens, heat gets released and therefore causes thunder.

Many would definitely describe this as one of the scariest moments of their lives. It would have been traumatizing for these people to watch a city flood, thunder growl, lightening strike and hail pound to the ground.

Many will remember this experience and the consequences that followed it, and as for know it will be known as the worst thunderstorm recorded yet.


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