Assisting Baird's 100th anniversary plans A Baird and Travel and Transport Case Study

In summer 2019, financial services firm Baird celebrated its 100-year anniversary. The centennial called for a celebration; one that brought all Baird associates and retirees, along with their significant others, from around the world to headquarters in Milwaukee for a 100th anniversary bash.

About 7,000 attended the celebration on Milwaukee’s lakefront. Getting everyone there was a monumental effort, and that’s where Travel and Transport’s consultative expertise came in. The undertaking was too large for our dedicated Baird travel team, so air travel was booked through Travel Quote and our Events team, with Operations Manager Misty Farr stepping in to oversee the project and assist anywhere and everywhere that was needed. In total, 3,746 air tickets were issued.

“We knew this would be too demanding on top of our day-to-day travel program; our associates book quickly when they get an invitation. In addition, we wanted the data all in one place, so it was important to have that resource,” says Cathy Moulton, Director of Travel Services at Baird.

Moulton continued: “We had different business units who were holding pre-meetings and events, so we needed to navigate those and handle reservations from multiple locations and countries. Having the Travel and Transport Events team to keep track and liaise with travelers was really helpful. Misty knows our program and how we communicate, so she was our middle ground to the Events team and that liaison was great.”

When Baird made an acquisition and invited its new associates to attend, this led to additional ticketing and meant those teams got a quick introduction to Baird’s travel program.

“We are a welcoming place and wanted them to be here for the celebration, but it meant our attendance suddenly increased by 1,000 a few months before the event,” says Cathy. “These newcomers weren’t used to our policies and had no profiles. So it was key to have Travel and Transport help get them introduced to the program and set up.

"We couldn’t have done it without them.” - Cathy Moulton, Baird

Misty was also able to identify a litany of cost-saving measures and deals.

“Without Misty, we would have paid more money,” Cathy said. “Misty knows our account, our vendor relationships, and she knows what to go after. She doesn’t give up and saved Baird more than $50,000.”

The event was a huge success. Aside from the occasional travel challenge, the event has been widely praised by associates as a seamless operation. After three years in the making, Cathy and her team are happy to have returned to their day-to-day operations, and continue to look for ways to improve their business travel program.

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