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Who is Harry Jerome

Harry Jerome is a Canadian Track and Field runner and he represented Canada in the 1960 and 1964 Olympics.

Early Life

Harry Jerome was a talented boy who excelled in various sports. The sport that he loved the most was BASEBALL. What made him a good baseball player was his gift of speed. The high school he went to was North Vancouver High where Jerome got a free athletic scholarship which was not available in Canada at the time. The university he went to was University of Oregon . where his teachers encouraged him to start running .Then Harry started track and field but he did not have that much interest in the sport at the time. As years passed Jerome's interest grew stronger in the sport and now known as "Mr. Canada".


Harry Jerome had a very athletic family. Harry Jerome had a wife (Wendy Jerome) and 5 kids. Harry's Mom(Elsie Howard) and he his sister ( Valerie Jerome) and a grandad (John Howard) who both were Olympians. Now you've met his family let's see some facts about Jerome.


These facts will teach you the cool things about Jerome. He was Born Sep/30/1940 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and Died Dec/17/1982 in North Vancouver, B.C. He has a book called Softball: Instructor's Manual. In 2001 he was inducted in the Canada's Walk of Fame. Finally in 2010 he was named Person of National Historical Significance. Now let's check his accomplishments.


Harry won a lot of records and awards, even awards were named after him. Jerome had set or equaled 7 world records. He beat the world record for 100 meters in 10.2, 10.1 and finally 10.0 second record in 1960. Jerome was a member of 4 X 100 m relay team of the University of Oregon. which tied the record of 40 sec in 1962. In 1966 he again tied a world record with a 9.1 time in the 100 yard. Jerome held a lot of records and he is still remembered for them but there were always obstacles in his path.


Harry was a very successful athlete but there were always obstacles in his path. When Jerome was younger he was shy and avoided LIMELIGHT which made him nervous to be running across 1,000,000 + people. At the time when Harry was just beginning running, the country's expectations were bothering Jerome because of the restrictions on track and field. At the Common Wealth Games Jerome had a CAREER THREATNING injury cutting his left QUADRICEP which made him sit out for a year. What happened after that was what he was remembered for.
Harry Jerome: injury

What was He Remembered For?

Harry was remembered for his determination and his talent. When Jerome was out from his injury, everyone thought he would quit because of his injury. In their shock Jerome came back and won a bronze award. He may not have won gold but with a torn up leg he still won bronze, which is hard to do. He is a perfect example of Determination and is an inspiration to all hard-workers. In return they dedicate stadiums and statues .


A lot of stuff are dedicated to Jerome such as this Rec Centre named after Harry Jerome in North Vancouver. It is pretty big if you actually see it. Another dedication is the Harry Jerome Awards. It started when these 6 six athletes that were getting awards. A dinner was suggested in which Harry would attend but before he could attend he died by a BRAIN ANUERSYM and that dinner they decided that the Athlete awards would be called the Harry Jerome Awards. Also there is a Running Track dedicated to Jerome and it is one of the biggest running tracks in the world. This biography is my dedication to Harry Jerome.

Why Harry Jerome?

I chose Harry Jerome because he is a talented athlete. Also he never gave up is what really inspired me. No matter what people say or whatever happened he still kept believing in him self. The significant impact on the field was his world breaking record with 5 records in the 1960 Olympics.


Limelight- attention from the public, Significance- Importance, Career Threatening - injury that can affect the career, Brain Aneurysm - bleeding in the brain.
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