Assignment: Class 1

Notes after observation and talks with potential users

For this assignment, I used an app I designed. The idea was to help professionals from wearable technology market (but as fashion and technology) to find wearable related events wherever they are. After talking to potential users, I've noticed that there some some pain points: users are not allowed to filter their events, or cancel their RSVP to the events they booked and you have to login every time you want to go to an event. Making a bit limited and even annoying. After observing them using the app, those issues became more clear, some people asked me "what happens if I want to check the place before I go there?" - making the app location dependent - or "what happens if I only want the events related to a certain topic? where would I go?"

"Wearable Calendar" was a side project of my final project at university, which consisted of creating an online magazine about wearable technology (see here). During my research process I identified a problem that I later learned was faced, not only by me, but also by others.

The Problem

The problem I identified was the difficulty in finding events and gatherings about wearable technology. They were hard to find, especially if you're a newbie and don't know where to go. When I started my research, I tried to go to as many events as I could, to try to understand the community and how they think, but found it incredibly confusing and sometimes hard to find them. I began by trying to approach people I knew on social media or checking their social media in search for possible links they had shared. Through talking to others, I found out that they shared my feelings, telling me stories about how they managed to find such events through other people, signing up to several different newsletters or like me, checking social media profiles. So I came up with a possible solution.

The Solution

Because my magazine aimed to be a centre of information about wearable technology, informing people about events was the primary objective, especially if you want the community to grow and connect more. So I created a "Calendar" page on my main website (here), where you can find all upcoming events with information and links to RSVPs. With that page in mind, I thought it would be interesting to turn that into an app. It would have the same information, but users would be able to find events wherever they were and RSVP on the app. So it would make it simple to find, select and confirm that you want to go.

The Goal

Create an app that enables people to find upcoming wearable tech events, wherever they are, in an easy and quick way. All they needed to do is select the event they wished to attend and RSVP. The app would find where the user is, give them a list of events, information about each one and the option to RSVP. Once confirmed, users would get an email with further information.


My research was done in two different ways: first from my point of view, where I tried to find events myself and understand how the process works and the difficulties. Second, I went to events and approached people and interviewed them about how they find gatherings and events and how they keep themselves informed.


From my research, I met different people from different backgrounds. I met journalists who were trying make an article about the growth of wearable tech, I met investors trying to find the next big thing and I also met university professors from both fashion and technology courses who were trying to learn and find ways to integrate this new area of fashion into their work and teaching. The personas I created were inspired by real people I met and the discussions we had. I tried to understand how the app could be beneficial to them in their line of work.

Persona 1

Persona 2

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