USA without immigrants? By jessIca Dimas

TiglImmigrants come to the United States to live a better life not to cause trouble like people say they do. They come to the USA to find jobs, they will get a job under a name of a citizen from the United States. Not to do any harm to anyone but just to live a better life for them self and they're family. People will hardly see any Mexicans in the street asking for money in public. They are always asking for jobs.

Immigrants come to the United States to live a better life. When immigrants commit a crime they are held by immigration until court. In 2003 a court ruled that immigrants could be detained “for a brief” while they face deportation with two courts later defining that period as no more than six months. This is the right thing to do after they commit something because it gives them the chance to tell a judge their story. There is a program that allows agents to deport suspected undocumented immigrants without appearing before a judge.

The “Expedited removals” have been working for 20 years. This is not the right thing to do because some immigrants might be innocent for what they did. Immigrants that get deported after representing themselves in immigration court may return to the United States for a second chance to contest their expulsion. Even if they get deported they still want a second chance to come back into the United States and continue to live the life they were having.

Should the people care about this? The people in the United States should care about it because they don't see what happens to there family after a parent or family is deported. Not only does it effect the immigrant but it effects their family. Children start feeling alone and depressed and don't focus on school. If someone wants to find out more about the experience they should talk to someone who's been deported or is feared to.

Deporting immigrants because of a crime they make without them telling their side of the story is wrong. Not all immigrants are bad in what they do. Sometimes what they do is for their good and for their families. Deportation is wrong. This should bring attention to the USA and to Trump, not is he making Americans happy and himself but he is tearing apart families that don't deserve to be treated that way

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Jessica Dimas


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