Wurtele Center for leadership How to Engage With Us This Fall

You might be wondering:

What are some of the ways I can CONNECT with other Smithies this fall, even though we are scattered across the globe, while also building my CREATIVITY, COURAGE, and COLLABORATIVE CAPACITY to make change in the world?

The Wurtele Center for Leadership has you covered. Keep scrolling for a preview of some of our virtual offerings for students during the fall semester.


There's Never Been a Better Time to Have Your Voice Heard

Amplify is a new initiative we are launching this year that offers Smith students a chance to discover and develop their public voice. Amplify programs offer you an opportunity to gain the skills, coaching, and platform you need to share your knowledge and perspectives with a public audience. It is a forum where you can take what you’re learning in an academic setting and use it to develop a public voice by experimenting with different media: Do you want to share what you know and influence public opinion through writing a well-crafted op-ed? Would you like to polish your public speaking skills through delivering a meaningful TED-style Talk? Are you interested in crafting a powerful piece of public art that delivers a message that matters to you? Through Amplify’s virtual speaker events, workshops, and opportunities for one-on-one coaching and feedback, you’ll develop a piece that you are proud to share with the world.

AMPLIFY SPEAKERS - Keep your eyes peeled for the following virtual speaker events (dates and times coming soon!):

  • "Developing and Owning Your Public Voice" (with scholar Tanisha Ford and podcaster Tuck Woodstock)
  • "Speaking from the Margins: The Public Voice Tax" (guest speaker TBD)
  • "Public Voice Across Media: What Can Public Writers, Artists, and Speakers Learn from One Another?" (with public artist Eve Mosher, political scientist Leah Stokes, and journalist Audrea Lim)

AMPLIFY COMPETITION - Submit a piece and compete for prizes of up to $1000! Prizes will be awarded for pieces in three categories: Public Writing, Public Speaking, and Public Art, as well as a "People's Choice" Award. Any Smith student can enter submissions, and pieces can be assignments you created for a Smith course or something you work on this semester independent of your coursework. Opportunities for coaching and mentorship will be available.

Check back to our website in early September for more information!

Collaborative Leadership Development Workshops:

The Virtual Intern Leadership Enrichment Series

In units across Smith College, students are gaining professional experience working as interns or work-study students and collaborating remotely this year. The Wurtele Center is offering a series of monthly workshops for student interns that will build collaborative leadership skills that will be useful in any setting, including work in future professional settings and teams.

These workshops are open to any Smith student interested in attending, whether or not you are employed as an intern for the college. If you are a student leader, club or organization president, or even just a curious soul, you are welcome to join. Topics include:

  • Creating a "User Manual" with a Team and Setting Goals
  • Forging Collaborative Relationships
  • Project Design and Management
  • Staying Motivated and Moving Your Team Forward
  • Purpose: How to Pull Together the Meaning of An Experience
  • How to Capture and Share What is Meaningful in Your Work

Watch eDigest and/or the Smith Social Network for registration details!

Coming soon:

Leaders for Equity-Centered and Action-Based Design (LEAD) Scholars Program

This winter, the Wurtele Center for Leadership and the Office for Equity and Inclusion (OEI) are partnering to launch a new cohort-based student leadership role: the Leaders for Equity-centered and Action-based Design (LEAD) Scholars Program. The program is a one-year, credited cohort program that focuses on building capacity through both examining leadership through a social justice lens and learning skills of facilitation and design for social change. Through two 1-credit courses during the Winter and Spring terms, a cohort of 20 students will explore who they are as leaders, how their social identities impact their leadership, and how to develop deep and meaningful relationships with one another. LEAD Scholars will also learn the processes of design and facilitation to serve as references and consultants to the greater campus community.

After year one, cohort members will have the opportunity to apply to be part of the LEAD Corps. Selected Corps members will engage with the community as student leaders to offer themselves as solution and experience designers through the Wurtele Center and OEI. They’ll learn and practice deeper facilitative leadership strategies such as deep listening, radical collaboration, emergent strategy, and liberatory design. As “solution designers” they will work with the community to support them in creating their own solutions to problems arising in communities such as clubs, organizations, teams, etc. As “experience designers” they will create and offer facilitated conversations and workshops around social justice as well as be tapped to lead such programs in houses, communities around campus.

Watch eDigest, our newsletter, and our Instagram page for more information on how to apply!

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3. Explore our website.

Please Note: We are currently updating our website with information about all of these opportunities; we hope to have it up and available by the start of fall classes.

4. Send us an email and book a time to chat.

5. Keep an eye on eDigest and the Smith Social Network for our events.

Our goal this year is to be FLEXIBLE and CREATIVE in the face of AMBIGUITY and CHANGE, so we plan to offer additional opportunities in response to the emerging needs of the Smith community.

We're looking forward to seeing you, inspiring you, and learning from you in this fall's virtual campus world!


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