Self Designed Exhibit #1: The study cycle

I created this exhibit in order to study the effectiveness of The Study Cycle. This Cycle consists of five parts: Preview, Attend, Review, Study and Access. Using these 5 components over the course of two weeks, I will document my findings to find out if this study method is actually useful. I will also take note of specifically what good or bad outcomes can result from incorporating this tool into how I regularly study.

Part 1: Setting Up the Exhibit


If I partake in The Study Cycle (Preview, Attend, Review, Study and Access) and incorporate it into my classes, then I will perform better and get A's.

Methods of Data Collection and Documentation

I will journal my journey through this experiment, which I will complete over the course of two weeks, and record each component of the The Study Cycle that I did and for how long. I will also record the effects of it in terms of letter grades, whether it relieves stress on me emotionally and if it effects of it on my schedule. I will do this for each academic class: Anthropology, Statistics, English, Spanish and CU 1010.


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