Self Designed Exhibit #1: The study cycle

I created this exhibit in order to study the effectiveness of The Study Cycle. This Cycle consists of five parts: Preview, Attend, Review, Study and Assess. "Preview" consists of skimming the chapter or section for the upcoming class, looking for key words and the overall main ideas. "Attend" consists of actually attending the class and absorbing the information while also asking questions and taking good notes. "Review" includes reviewing the material within 24 hours of learning it and practicing examples to convert the information from short term to long term memory. "Study" is comprised of studying the set section with deep focus and reviewing key equations and the overall main idea. "Assess" is simply assessing your personal grasp on the material by asking yourself what questions you still have and determining if your study methods were effective. Using these 5 components over the course of one week, I will document my findings to find out if this study method is actually useful. I will also take note of specifically what good or bad outcomes can result from incorporating this tool into how I regularly study.

Part 1: Setting Up the Exhibit


If I partake in The Study Cycle (Preview, Attend, Review, Study and Access) and incorporate it into my Statistics class, then I will perform better and get a higher grade.

Methods of Data Documentation

I will journal my experience throughout this experiment, which I will complete over the course of one week, and record each component of the The Study Cycle that I did and for how long. I will also record the effects of it in terms of letter grades, whether it relieves stress on me emotionally and the effects of it on my schedule. I will do this one academic class which will be Statistics because I need the most help and practice in that subject.


Day 1 - Sunday, February 26, 2017

Preview - Today is going to be a mainly a preview/review day considering that it's a Sunday. I have Stats 2300 every Monday and Wednesday from 1:25 to 2:15 and tomorrow we will be going over Section 6.2. I look over the material ("The Binomial Distribution") and realize how much I really don't understand Stats. I skim over the chapter and realize the main ideas are going to be about finding the characteristics of a binomial distribution, finding binomial probabilities, finding binomial mean and standard deviation. As far as Stats goes, this seems like one of the more straightforward sections (thank goodness!).

Attend - No attendance required today! No school!

Review - I realized that I seriously need this review time to review Section 6.1. There was a lot of new material and I forgot to review it within 24 hours, which is not a good thing. I review over Section 6.1 and skim over the previous chapters.

Study - In order to seriously review Section 6.1, I studied the set section with deep focus and reviewed over the main equations that are needed and how they build on previously given equations. I studied over it for about 30 minutes, reading over the material and working on a couple examples.

Assess - Taking an honest self assessment, I realized today that I need to do this more often and integrate it into my daily study schedule, which I should have already been doing.

Day 2 - Monday, February 27, 2017

Preview - I decided to look over the material again that will be learned in today's Statistics class (Section 6.2), making sure to refresh my memory and to go over the main idea again and connect it back to the main ideas in other chapters. I also went ahead and underlined key words based on how relevant they were to understanding the key idea of the material.

Attend - I actually have to attend today (no more weekend). Attending this class is never that bad though. I really like the professor and he's good at certain things explaining things, however, I hate how he skims over the material very fast. Today we went over the information for Section 6.2 on our regular slideshow and I highlighted all of the material that the professor had highlighted. Another thing that I dislike about this class is the fact that our professor sort of does the work for us and there's no time to figure it out for yourself. Essentially you have to teach yourself the material beforehand, practice and enhance your knowledge in the classroom and then the homework is sort of like a review. I usually don't ask any questions because there is usually no time for questions.

Review - After Statistics is over, I attend have to CU1010, so I don't get to review the material until after that. Today, I went to the library and read back over the material and practiced more problems.

Study - Since I had Stats homework due today, I used that as a study session. In this class, students are required to have an online account with Pearson Learning in order to complete homework and quizzes online. Pearson has at least ten problems per section that each student has to complete and it comes with online help if one needs it.

Assess - I now realize why I was so lost in this class: I went to class without ever reviewing the material and expected to pick up everything in the classroom and expected myself to remember it for the test with minimal review and study sessions. No wonder I wasn't doing well! I wasn't allowing myself to fully absorb the material! I now have a better grasp on the material and on the material before it too. My study methods were very effective today and I can't wait to see the effects of it.

Day 3 - Tuesday, february 28, 2017

Preview - Today was spent previewing for tomorrow's class, which will be just on Sections 7.1-7.2 (The Normal Probability Distribution). This was a very long two sections so I'm glad I took the time to look over it because there is a lot of material and a lot of main ideas. Not to mention it's a new chapter and so my understanding of these sections is fundamental to my understanding of the rest of the chapter.

Attend - No attendance required today! No class!

Review - I reviewed over Sections 6.1-6.2 and I have to say, I have those sections pretty down pat (that's such a weird saying.) I understand them very well and I feel like I could teach the main ideas to someone else if they needed me to.

Study - I took this time to continue reviewing problems for Sections 6.1-6.2 and to connect the ideas in those sections to the ideas that will be learned in Sections 7.1-7.2.

Assess - Dang! I really like this study method and I'm so glad I chose to do this for my self designed experiment! It's actually so helpful, especially for the material in this class which needs constant practicing of problems and constant review.

Day 4 - Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Preview - I looked over the material in Sections 7.1-7.2 again just to go over the material again before class. I didn't read over as carefully as I should have though because I was running late and just skimmed over the material super fast.

Attend - Class was scheduled today and I went! (Not going to lie I thought about skipping but I realized that I'm paying for this class so I might as well go. And I needed to go so that I could complete this assignment, of course.) Today, we went over Sections 7.1-7.2 and I'm actually so glad I went because I would have never understood parts of the material without having the professor explain them. Listening to the professor also helps because he explains things way better than the book does.

Review - Reviewing over the material after my CU1010 class is becoming normal to me and I could easily form a habit of it, which is such a wonderful thing. I take the time to look over the material which we just learned and have to match up the appropriate symbols to their definitions because all of these symbols can be confusing.

Study - Since we had homework due again today, I used my time on Pearson Learning as my study time again, working out equations and getting to know the material more. There was a lot to learn in this section.

Assess - Wow, wow, wow. I'm still in awe of why I didn't do this study method before and why no one ever talks about it in high school or coming into college! I still have questions on this material and so I will probably go to a PAL session next Sunday.

Day 5 - Thursday, March 2, 2017

Preview - There are no more Stats classes for me this week (except lab tonight) so technically I don't have to preview but I'm going to go ahead and look at the section for Monday (Sections 7.2 and 7.3) because I probably need to. These sections are on Normal Distribution/Finding the Value of a Normal Random Variable Corresponding to a Given Probability and Assessing Normality. This looks like a lot of information so I'll have to keep previewing these sections for the rest of this week.

Attend - No class today but there is Stats lab tonight!

Review - I review over what we've gone over this week: Section 6.2 all the way to Section 7.2, so I make sure to review over every section; not looking at every individual problem but making sure that I understand the main idea and how each of the chapters build on each other.

Study - I'm going to use my lab time as study time because it reviews over Discrete Probability Distribution, which is the ideas of Chapter 6 and then I focus deeply on the remaining sections of Chapter 7 and its main topics.

Assess - Stats is definitely scary and while I was first looking at it and seeing myself getting stuck in an avalanche of work, I can now see a light through the pile of debris. I can see myself doing this. Its going to take so much work but, then again, nothing good comes easily (that was so cliche, but so applicable to the situation that I had to use it).

Day 6 - Friday, March 3, 2017

Preview - I preview the sections for Monday again (Sections 7.2 and 7.3).

Attend - No class today!

Review - Just like yesterday, I review over what we've gone over this week: Section 6.2 through Section 7.2, making sure to go over the main ideas. This day is pretty much the exact same as yesterday, just going over things in more depth.

Study - Today, I go onto our online homework website and practice some of the problems provided on there; doing problems for each section and looking at the specific wording and recognizing what the problem is asking for/recognizing what formula to use.

Assess - I'm killing the game in Stats. Maybe that's a little cocky but this is the first time in awhile that I've gotten any confidence in this class. I need to go over more of the practice problems and develop a study plan because we have a test in a week.

Day 7 - Saturday, March 4, 2017

Preview - Honestly, I didn't preview today because it's Saturday and I wanted to take a day free from doing homework (honestly, Friday's are like that too. Let's all be proud that I even looked at Stats on a Friday.)

Attend - No class! It's the weekend!

Review - Whoops, I didn't review today either. I reasoned that I would just do it tomorrow (Sunday) because "it'll stay in my head better". In reality, I didn't want to do it because I was super lazy today.

Study - I'm going to be honest here too: I didn't study. You can call me a bad student or you can call me honest; both would be true.

Assess - This study method has helped tremendously but doing it every day is very taxing on a person and I needed a little break. Today was very unproductive, to say the least.


Overall, I absolutely loved this exhibit. I loved this study method and I will definitely be incorporating this into my everyday study schedule (maybe not for every class but more for the harder classes like Stats). The journals really put everything into perspective and helped me to see how hard I was struggling in this class. This study was honestly like a wake up call for me and it had such a positive impact on how I think about studying and how I study in general. I highly recommend this study method for anyone struggling with any subject.


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