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The American Avalanche Association (A3) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to professional excellence in avalanche safety, education and research. Founded in 1986, the member-based organization connects professionals and the public to vital avalanche resources. A3 Members include snow scientists, avalanche educators, search and rescue professionals, avalanche forecasters, mountain guides, athletes, ski patrollers, snow rangers, technicians, and explosive specialists. A3 spearheads collaboration between the US Avalanche Industry, avalanche professionals and their 40 million beneficiaries.

A3's keystone project, Avalanche.org is a collaboration with the U.S.F.S. National Avalanche Center. Avalanche.org is America's Avalanche Public Safety and Education Website, which connects pros and the public to real-time avalanche information. From families to adventure hounds, people who travel in avalanche terrain depend on avalanche professionals to forecast, mitigate and reduce avalanche risk. 26 U.S. Avalanche Centers in 11 States work together to report live conditions through the website. Avalanche.org serves over 40 million people per winter season in the United States.

Snow and ice crystals form layers. When overloaded, the bond between these layers can fail, creating an avalanche.
Avalanche Control Work

Digital Media

Avalanche.org features in-depth content regarding avalanche conditions, education, and accidents. Why would one advertise on an avalanche website? Avalanches can be scary and intimidating phenomenons. In the 21st Century, avalanche professionals have tools and technologies to forecast Avalanche Danger. Avalanche.org is the only website authorized to work with U.S. Avalanche Centers to publish live conditions. Avalanche.org is the hub for winter enthusiasts and all things avalanche related.

Recreationists use Avalanche.org as a comprehensive resource for U.S. Avalanche Education. Researchers reference the Accident Database to correlate data to improve avalanche rescue technologies. Beyond providing vital information, Avalanche.org is a window to the annual $72.2 billion-dollar U.S. Wintersports Industry.

Conditions: Live Avalanche Conditions in 11 States and 23 Forecast Regions.
Education: Awareness, U.S. Corse Progression, Course Descriptions, Course Providers, Avalanche Encylopedia
Accidents: U.S. Accident Database records date, time, location, fatality, activity, and snowpack summary for U.S. Accidents.

Print Media

A3 produces three national publications that reach a targeted 8,000 industry pros annually. Founded in 1982, "The Avalanche Review" is an acclaimed industry journal. Articles address advances in research, forecasting, hazard reduction techniques, and education. Current distribution is over 1400 mailed copies per issue, in addition to 50-150 copies distributed at industry events (e.g. ISSW, SAWs, etc). The A3-CAIC Book Series, "Snowy Torrents" documents and analyzes fatal U.S. Avalanche Accidents and is used as an international educational resource. The A3-USFS publication, "Snow Weather Avalanche Guidelines" documents field analysis methodologies for avalanche practitioners.

On average avalanches kill 42 people per year in North America, hundreds more are injured.


22.5M vehicles travel through actively managed avalanche terrain in America per winter season. Avalanche-controlled highways connect rural communities and travelers to emergency services, healthcare, and other necessities. America’s import-export transportation system is also dependent on avalanche workers to keep roadways clear and safe. Avalanche.org's Information Technology Warning and Alert System provides the public with real-time danger rating information and travel advisories, which are pushed to inboxes and mobile phones across the nation.

20M people recreate in avalanche terrain per year in the United States. Avalanche professionals work to mitigate, control, and forecast danger for recreationists and adventurers. Whether in-bounds at Vail Resorts or exploring the wilds of Alaska, skiers, riders, mountaineers, snowshoers, climbers, and snowmobilers directly benefit from the service of avalanche professionals who rely on avalanche.org to keep you safe.

By the Numbers

  1. 22.5M Highway Travelers drive through actively managed avalanche terrain per year.
  2. 10M Resort Skiers recreate in-bounds within actively managed avalanche terrain.
  3. 6M Backcountry Skiers tour in avalanche terrain per year.
  4. 4M Snowshoers adventure under or through active avalanche terrain.
  5. 1.2M Snowmobilers backcountry sled in avalanche terrain per year.
  6. 4,500 Avalanche Professionals use avalanche.org for operations, forecasting, guiding, education, and public outreach.
  7. Transit-depenent Commerce depends on open highways managed by D.O.T. Avalanche Programs for coast-to-coast import and export services.
  8. Emergency Services need clear, open highways to service accidents.
  9. Media Outlets use avalanche.org to connect with experts regarding avalanche awareness, training, accidents, and live winter forecast information.


In partnership with the U.S.F.S. National Avalanche Center, the American Avalanche Association funds avalanche.org with public and private sponsorships. In addition to national collaboration, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC) maintains the U.S. Accident Database, which is accessed and hosted through avalanche.org. Long-standing industry supporters include, Back Country Access, TAS - MND Group, Black Diamond, Ortovox, and Patagonia. Here's a project from our most recent collaboration:

National Distribution

1M people per season visit avalanche.org. Combined with the website's embedded forecast map, 10M viewers use the map annually to find real-time avalanche information. Avalanche.org directly impacts over 40M people per year, which is why we're seeking Keystone Sponsors to increase awareness and the scope of Avalanche.org

Americans spend $72.7 billion-dollars on Winter Sports per year, according to the U.S. Outdoor Industry Association. Avalanche.org is a window to the Winter Sports Market.

Brand Placement

Keystone Sponsors receive brand placement within an embedded (advertorial) bar on the Home Page National Map. Avalanche.org accepts tax-deductible donations from three Keystone Sponsors per 12 months. The limited sponsor number allows for maximum brand recognition while keeping the site clean, crisp, and easily navigable. Please visit Avalanche.org to view logo placement opportunities.

Digital Media Ratecards

Avalanche.org Keystone Sponsor: $25,000

Brand Locations: Avalanche.org Home Page, embedded bar on National Map, Avalanche.org About Page, and AmericanAvalancheAssociation.org Home Page. Number of Keystone Sponsors: 5, Clicks to Access: 0 clicks, immediate view, Display: Single logo centered under National Map. Sponsorship Duration: 12 Months, Cross Marketing: Keystone Sponsor receives brand inclusion in American Avalanche Association print, web, film, educational, and event media outlets. Contribution Tax-Deducable.

Avalanche.org Industry Sponsor: $10,000

Location: Avalanche.org About Page and American Avalanche Association Home Page. Number of Industry Sponsors: Unlimited, Clicks to Access: Fourth page, 2 clicks, Display: Unlimited horizontal gallery scroll. Sponsorship Duration: 12 Months. This sponsorship level is most common, but not limited to, in-industry partners who also gift in-kind gear and resources to the U.S. Avalanche Community. Contribution Tax-Deductible.

Print Media Rate Cards

The Avalanche Review: National Industry Journal
  • Back Cover: $1800 8 x 13.375 inches with 0.125 in bleed on the top, bottom, and left side. Total dimensions: 8.125 in in x 13.625 in
  • Full Page: $1300 9.5 x 13.375 inches with 0.125 in bleed on all sides, Total Dimensions: 9.625 x 13.625 inches, Live Content Area: 8.5 x 12.1875 inches
  • 1/2 Page: $750 9.5 x 6.82 inches with 0.125 in bleed all sides. Total Dimensions: 9.75 in x 7.07 in. Live Content Area: 8.5 x 5.69 inches
  • 1/3 Page Full Column: $525 Full Column, 2.75 x 12.1875 in. No bleed.
  • 1/4 Page: $400 1/4 Page color ads. 5.15 x 5.5 inches. No bleed.
  • 1/8 Page: $220 5.15 x 2.75 inches, No bleed
  • 1/16 Page: $120 2.75 x 2.75 inches, No bleed.

Discounts: 10% discount to advertisers who commit to entire season (four issues) before August 1. 5% discount to those who commit to four issues after August 1.

Final Art Specifications: Rates are for advertising space only. Ads must meet size specifications exactly. Additional ad layout is available for $75/hr. Please provide a ads in one of the following formats: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, JPG, or PDF. Ads can be shared via e-mail or Dropbox. All images and fonts must be provided, unless fonts are outlined. Images must be provided in CMYK, jpg or tiff, 300 dpi at 100% resolution. Line art must be provided in pdf or illustrator, 600 dpi at 100% resolution. Final Art deadline is for complete ads.

Snowy Torrents: E-Book and Book Series

The American Avalanche Association and the CAIC publishes The Snowy Torrents Book Series. This compilation of avalanche accident reports covers eight-year periods and is aproximatley 300 pages in length. The book is published in both print and e-book versions. Recognition of industry support will be in full-page increments and/or combined on an industry supporters’ logo page (see rates below). Design of all full-page recognitions will be the responsibility of the industry supporter. Full-page recognitions are intended to showcase the industry supporter broadly rather than focusing on a specific product. A targeted message of support for avalanche education/safety/a local avalanche center or SAR group is acceptable and encouraged. When designing the ad please keep in mind, The Snowy Torrents Book Series is a heavily used educational resource, one which will be utilized for years to come.

  • Prominent Full-Page: $5,000, Number of opportunities: 2, Located at the front of the book in the recognition section, large logo featured on combined industry supporters page.
  • Full Page: $2500, Number of opportunities: 4, Full page recognition and medium logo featured on combined industry supporters page.
  • Medium Logo Combined Industry Support: $1000, Number of opportunities: 5, Medium logo featured on combined industry supporters page.
  • Small Logo Combined Industry Support: $500 Number of opportunities: 10, Small logo featured on combined industry supporters page

Contact A3

Please contact the American Avalanche Association for additional sponsorship details. We thank you for supporting U.S. Avalanche Professionals and their beneficiaries.


Created with images by Rob Bye - "Snow covered ski lift" • Pezibear - "ice eiskristalle snow" • Chris Biron - "Chamonix mountains" • Nicolas Cool - "Avalanche danger sign" • Greg Rakozy - "Walking in a Utah winter" • Beth Solano - "Winter Escape"

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