New Jersey New Jersey! Established in 1664 and has he best soil in North America!

Who/Which group established the colony?

New Jersey was founded in 1664 by two Dutch men name Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley.

Geography of New Jersey In New. Jersey the was mostly fertile soil, fertile soil made it easier for the farmers to plant and grow different crops.


Some natural resource are hide from animals, lumber, farmlands and coal. There are three businesses one is iron working, lumbering and farming. People make money by grow and selling crops working with iron and cutting down trees. New Jersey was was a rural colony because of the farm land.


Everyday life was a routine you would farm and make money. The dutch and the English were the only ethnic groups in New Jersey. If you were catholic you would only study catholic, most schools were private.


The religious group that lived in our colony was catholic. Some reasons the came was to focus on being catholic. They were strong on being catholic but they didn't mind who people believed in.


The Englishmen found New Jersey. Our government was mostly a self sustaining government. Our colony was a royal colony.

Fun facts

The New Jersey Colony was originally named the Province of New Jersey, after the British island named Jersey.

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