Texture Art By Grade 8

An artist cannot create art without utilizing elements of Art. The seven most common elements of Art include line, shape, texture, form, space, colour and value. Knowing these elements allows us to analyze, appreciate, write and chat about art, as well as help us create art.


All surfaces have a texture.

Artists use texture to add depth, interest, or balance to different areas of their artwork. Sometimes texture is used to give the illusion of depth or making a piece seem more realistic — the more detail put into the use of texture (such as the texture of leaves, skin, etc.), the more realistic a work of art can look.

There are two types of texture — tactile and visual.

Tactile texture is the real thing. It is the actual way a surface feels when it is felt or touched, such as rough, smooth, soft, hard, silky, slimy, sticky, etc. Sculptures often exhibit these qualities.

Visual texture is not real texture but it is implied or perceived surface quality of a work of Art. These can be seen in paintings.

Visual textures suggest sensations such as softness, roughness, hardness. In this way it intervenes in our perception and feelings that creates a work of art. The artist can use texture as expression to influence the contents of the image or to convey certain ideas or feelings.

Hope you enjoy “ feeling” textures created by our Class 8 students.

Take a look at this video to gain some more insight into textures in Art.

artwork @Vasundhara Doley 8D

Beyond the Skies...

written by @Priyanjuli Goyal

I would like to share a memorable experience close to my heart, a drive to Dharamshala, a quaint place located in the hills of Himachal Pradesh. I always had a predilection for mountains because of their pristine view from the valley. When I got to know about this trip, my face lit up with excitement, and my eyes stretched wide enough that one could see them popping out. I started packing all the essentials instantly. As we embarked on our journey, mellifluous music was apt for my ears. I came across several mundane things while crossing various cities and towns. After two hours, we were driving up the mountains. Looking outside the car window, I gazed upon a lake with blue water that shimmered in the sunlight. The scenic view of the valleys was a magnificent sight. The sunlit clouds were like cotton balls drifting across clear blue skies. The lingering aroma of food wafted through the car, making my nose twitch and mouth water. Excitement galore led to hunger pangs which were calmed by the delicious cooked food carried by my mother dear. On reaching our destination, the orange hues of dusk began to envelop the sky. The air was deathly cold, which felt like a slab of ice on my cheeks. Amidst the chilly winds, the sky was engulfed with white clouds, and indeed it seemed as if heaven met earth. One wished for that moment to just freeze, but as they say, all good things come to an end, hoping for more of such enraptured moments going ahead in life.

artwork@Neeti Bansal 8B
artwork@Soyam Bola 8D


Written by @Diya Brar 8B

Last year, my mom and I had gone to Seattle. Since I love golf, we decided to play at West Seattle Golf Club. I packed sandwiches and cherries for the game. As we stepped out, the cool air filled my lungs. I had begun to embrace the gentle rain of the city. The course’s grand entrance with stone walls and a huge club house was beyond my imagination.

Two other people, Jimmy McAlister and Adam, joined us. Jimmy gave me a firm handshake, the kind that made me feel his presence. Calming my nerves, I teed off, “Great shot” I heard in the distance. Listening to our favorite music and appreciating the spectacular views of Seattle, we proceeded. Every now and then people passing by stopped to say hello to Jimmy. “He seems prominent”, said my mom. I was too immersed in my own world to notice. Jimmy seemed impressed with my game. Suddenly I heard, “Diya must play at Broadmoor Golf Club”. I stopped in my tracks. The cherry in my mouth tasted like a snippet of heaven. Broadmoor is an exclusive course open only to members. Jimmy happened to know the president of the club. My happiness knew no bounds.

At the end we exchanged numbers. Adam muttered, “Don’t tell anyone you know Jimmy.” I immediately googled him. Jimmy McAlister was a US soccer defender during the 1970s- 1980s. He was the 1977 NASAL Rookie of the Year among many other accomplishments. What a lucky day! Not only did I spend five hours with such an accomplished athlete but he also made it possible for me to play on my dream course.

artwork@Lehnaaz Rana
artwork@Arnav Paul 8A
artwork@Aditi 8C
artwork@Harjaan Gill 8A
artwork@ Noor Dhillon 8E

Between The White Lines

Aarshi Goyal 8B

It was a jack-frost winter of last year and I was in seventh grade. Our annual sports-day was just around the corner. My mind was going through a torrent of twitchiness and enthusiasm to prove myself yet again, though I had successfully succeeded in grabbing medals and accolades for my performance but here I was out on the field without any formal coaching. Finally the momentous day that I had been waiting since long came!

This relay race was not any ordinary sporting event for me rather it was an epitome of a year’s diligence, assiduous training and commitment to a regimented lifestyle. All teams were on the track exhibiting prowess and enthusiasm in a way intimidating others. We were holding our nerves tight before the start as we had a mammoth task in front of us since some of the participants seemed like they were professionally trained. I could feel the sweat trickling down my cheek as I was waiting on the starting line. I could see the expectation of my family and friends on their faces. The noise of the cheering from the audience was deafening. With a loud bang of the gunshot, the race had begun. I blocked all the noise and concentrated on the task at hand. I geared up my speed and passed the baton to my teammate who ran as if her life depended on it! All eyes were glued to the finish line and to our amazement and elation, our team had won.

In retrospection, this win felt like a cake-walk as we won by a massive margin. I was elated by my team’s success. I may have many special moments in my life but this I will cherish the most as it was my first achievement.


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