With Carmen Mann

After giving us a very comprehensive analysis of college life and costs Carmen Mann gave us a lot of advice about how to pick what we go to college for or even if we should go to college at all. Sometimes you can make almost as much money with a lot less debt depending on the choices you make and your interests.

Along with advice about what we should do in regards to what we should we also learned a lot about her own experiences with college loans and college life. We learned about how she is still paying off her loans and she owes about the same amount now as she originally took out, and she has been paying off these loans for years.

We learned that sometimes a four year degree isn't needed for your chosen career, and it could be a huge drain on money.

We learned a lot about applying for scholarships and FAFSA and how we should go about paying college loans should we have them. We learned that we should pay the interest as we go because it is better to pay that immediately than to pay them years down the road.

We learned sometimes college is the best thing for you and it usually is a good idea to get some more education and we learned how to prepare for it, but we learned there are other options as well. We found out a lot about our future and we now know more about how to get there.

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