Claude Mckay By:Jeyla Walker-Graham

McKay was born on September 15, 1889 he's from Sunnyvale,Jamaica. He died on May 22,1948 (age 58) in Chicago,Illinois. Claude's early influences were his poetry. It was one of the great forces in bringing about what it often called "Negro Literally Renaissance". McKay education was very high for a black person in the 1920's.

The colleges he went to were "Kansas Sate College", and "Tuskegee Institute" (What is now called Tuskegee University). Claude had many accomplishments. One of them were being the most famous black poet, who was a seminal figure in Harlem Renaissance. That was also his significance. People were so influenced over his poems some say it changed history.

Also some like to say McKay had a great impact on history. One of his impacts were also once again his famous poems and novels it helped White's see black's differently in a good way. Some how Claude noevels helped people understand what black's go through everyday in life of the 1920's. One of his famous novels "Home to Harlem" was about a black soldier who leaves his duty to return to Harlem. This novel gives Claude's perspective on Harlem to the people.

“If a man is not faithful to his own individuality, he cannot be loyal to anything".


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