St.Paul Keybano school Water filteration system for students


The climate is tropical and generally raining with two dry seasons. OThe country is landlocked. The country has a lot of waterborne diseases such as, bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and E, and typhoid fever.


In 1840: Muslim traders from the Indian Ocean coast exchange firearms, cloth and beads for the ivory and slaves of Buganda.In 1963 - Uganda becomes a republic with Buganda's King Mutesa as president.


Uganda contains 38,300,000 people. (Rounded Down) 48% of the country is between ages 0-14. In Uganda it's very common to get sick. Most people go to elementary school but only quarter go on to middle school and up. 16% people live in urban areas.

In Uganda kids in school go an entire day without clean water.
While there government does nothing.


Uganda is a Republic, this means they have a president and they also have a legislative, executive, and judicial branch. The people in Uganda felt that their elections were unfair and possibly rigged. The Ugandan people don't really know what's happening with the government and what there planning.

President of Uganda for the past 30 years


From the 1970s to the 2000s Uganda was in many wars with their neighbors such as Tanzania and DR Congo. The LRA (Lords Resistance Army) has been causing killings,kidnappings and acts of terror in Uganda from 2002 to the present . Over the years LRA has been getting smaller and other groups in Uganda are rising up.

David is asking for a loan of $1,200 the school has 1,263 students. He is asking for the money so he can buy a clean water filter to get clean water to over 1,000 students to improve health conditions and prevent deadly diseases.

This is Dave the principal of St.Paul Keybando school in Uganda

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