growth doesn't mean bigger become more human, become more effective


Everyday we all make choices - we have to choose which path to take.

It might not seem the most secure but when you really think about it, it will be obvious, but sometimes you just can't see the wood for the trees. Everyone needs guidance about how to deepen a strategic position rather than broaden or compromise it.

You have to remember that strategy describes everything you do everyday that makes you and your business unique and successful.

You have to remember that growth is not always about size but it is always about effectiveness and being able to continuously improve what you do everyday.

We start together - so many questions! We get to understand the issues, you reconnect with your strategy.

To rediscover why the business was started, and to track through to where it is today, helps to focus the mind. Too often the original reasons behind the business have been forgetten. There will be carbuncles attached to the business, areas that were a good idea but might now be holding the business back.

We take a careful look at what the business already does, as within most well-established companies there is often a core of uniqueness. It is more about what not to do, it is about how to extend the company’s uniqueness, whilst strengthening the fit among its activities.

This being a process for owner-managers of growing businesses, we look at the team, what drives the owner, what drives the top team - in order to gain any level of success they have to be aligned, they have to be working to a common cause.

At its simplest this is a mechanism to help an owner-manager assess their appetite to grow the business and develop a series of practical actions to make it happen in the best way for them and the business. It will provide a set of critical management actions to realise the potential of the business, its owners and its people.

This is a two phased process: Phase 1 providing understanding of the issues & Phase 2 in developing the plan.

This will provide a helping hand, a lot of trusted advice & direction for the future.

By the end of phase 1:

  • The owner of the business will have been presented with our views on the readiness of the business to grow, a set of associated issues and the reflected views of the management.
  • This presentation will address ownership issues, alongside business issues and conclude with a set of priorities around a business growth agenda.
  • The owner will have had time to reflect on personal objectives, aspirations and their future relastionship with the business, which will be encompassed within a personal development plan for the owner.
  • The price for Phase 1 is from £3,200 for a management team of up to 5 members, including the owner.

At the end of phase 2

  • There will be a structure to achieve the business's aspirations which incorporates an action plan.
  • There will be an understanding of how the business strategy is to be developed to accomodate the required growth.
  • There will be personal development plans for the management team.
  • The price for Phase 2 is from £4,700 for a management team of up to 5 members, including the owner.

All our prices include VAT but must be confirmed by a written proposal.

For more information contact Tim on 07855 766 954 or tim@becomegood.co.uk

Together, let's find the path through the trees

Live as if you are to die tomorrow and learn as if you are to live forever. (mahatma ghandi)


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