The Last(of my) MeditationsđŸ˜¢ By robert burch

In the image above(Ad by WWF), there is a mantle piece made of ivory and carved into that ivory is a scene depicting the gruesome and saddening battle between the inhumanly carved poachers and the innocent elephants that are dying in droves. This add is meant to provide a heavy truth about animal poaching and more specifically elephant poachers for the purpose of collection of iron through the use of harsh irony.

This for me is a reminder that in our lives we get caught up so much in our own wants and needs that we are blinded the the ripple effects that we cause in doing so and often end up hurting others either metaphorically or literally.

(Prayer opening) Lord, help us to have a broader periphery so that we can see beyond ourselves and be more aware of those we surround ourselves with.

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