Music reviews By Kaylin Marshall

Luke Combs is a 26 year old country singer. Luke is from Charlotte, North Carolina and grew up in Asheville North Carolina. He had been a vocalist since childhood. He played football and was in many vocal groups, and wen't to college for music.

The song Hurricane is Luke Combs greatest hit song. This song is about an ex-girlfriend he can't get out of his mind. And when a hurricane comes through it destroys mostly everything in it's way and makes a lot of destruction kinda like an ex-girlfriend.

Migos formed in 2009 in Lawrenceville Georgia - Quavo Marshall (Quavo) is 26 years of age and he first started the group. Kiari Cephus (Offset) is 25 years old. And Kirshnik Ball (takeoff) is 22 years old
Music by Migos
Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is 27 years old and is an american rapper. He first released a mix tape in 2006. MGK was also an actor and he makes a lot of music.

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