For as long as we can remember, UX design required time-intensive, hands-on work. Now, that’s a thing of the past. Quick Mockup is a Plugin for Adobe XD that lets you bring your ideas to life - fast, simple and easy. Explore and iterate quickly - moving seamlessly from lo-fi wireframes to hi-fi designs in just one click!

Design User Interfaces, In seconds

Quick Mockup comes with an extensive library of User Interface elements that can be staged and customized in just a few clicks.

Templates meant to be customized

Get a head start with your new projects by leveraging predesigned templates - for mobile and desktop - and rearrange any of the composing elements, according to your needs.

One-click, Theme switching Magic.

Quick Mockup introduces a completely new way to design in XD — theme switching. Pick your initial theme, build your screens, and at any time change your work to another theme to see it in a totally different style. You’ll also be surprised to see different sets of photos in each theme to help visualize the design.

Share your feedback

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An Adobe XD Plugin

Quick Mockup is a free plugin, available exclusively for Adobe XD. This plugin is created and maintained by Adobe International Design