Revolutions in technology By josué rodriguez

Past: The Industrial Revolution


People were mining then they found coal which was very useful for energy. Then they found iron when they were looking for some coal then iron became another energy source

The Poplulation grew and more workers became available beacuse people were getting healthier

Since more people were working more money was obtainable which lead to wealth then later invested

Technology developments

People invested in new products which lead to making trains and steam boats which made it easier to transport other materials

People were traveling often so they needed another source of power. Eventually wood wasn't enough to power machines so they used coal

Since people were Investing in new stuff so they got better iron so they used to build better trains and it was another way to power machines

Positive and negative effects on society

More jobs were created do to the fact of machine and other material were made and also were in need of people to operate the machines

People made factories to melt materials to make better things that are going to be useful

People found a better way to transport materials, goods, and people so they made steamboats and trains

Since factories were a lot more coal clouds were made and that affected the air and it was a bad thing to breathe

A lot of smoke was made do to factories which polluted the air and the water was polluted because there was so much dirty water filled with chemicals and substances that weren't good for the water

People needed to make more useful things faster so the workers had to stay longer to work and their working shifts got longer

Present: The digital Revolution


People were tired of just sending a letter on paper so they made an efficient way to communicate with other people

People didn't want to go to a person's house to just say something so the made a better way to do it

People didn't just want to share what they had with one person they wanted to share with everyone in the world so they could see it and share it too

Technological developments

Many people wanted to see what other people where sharing or share something so others may see it on line so they made internet

Since internet was made they needed a source that they could see it in so the made computer or laptops so they can stream on the internet see what people are posting

People couldn't take laptops with them all the time so they made phones so they can carry it when and were ever they go

Positive and negative impact

You could do or look up just about anything on the internet

With digital revolution it makes it easier to communicate and share your work with other employees which leads to business increases

You can learn more and do more research about something you don't know online and get your awnser faster than spending your time trying to find it in a book

If your going to use the internet you need wifi but if you don't have wifi you can't use the internet

People can take your work and make it their own and not give you any credit for it

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