Some lifetime goals. by brian Miranda

My one year goals include riding bulls in mexico. I want to achieve Them by moving To mexico city and get trained my my uncles to ride a bull and spend a year or so doing that. Because its fun and and exciting. My second one year goal is moving to my pueblo in mexico. I want to archive this because its always been a dream and i wanna meet the family i never had here in Arizona over there.
My third one year goal includes enlisting in the U.S Navy and becoming a aircraft carrier shooter. this is really interesting and it will be cool to shoot jets and planes off of aircraft carriers. And finally my last one year goal is to travel around the world and see something different. I plan on completing this by staying in the Navy and pull up to different ports of the world.
my first third year goal is to become a policeman in Los angels. i want to become a police man because i look up to them and its always been a thought in my head. My second third year goal is to be a rifle man in Navy. i want to know the art of shooting and i want to live that kind of life in the navy of being with the best shots in they navy. And it will only benefit me after i retire.
My third year goal is become a architect or work in any construction. I've always been good at construction and its fun to help build things that will benefit us in the future. My last third year goal is to be a good dad. i want too do this so my dads last name can keep on going.
one of my first five year goals is to be a farmer up in the hillside of Arizona. I have chickens and me and my family live that lifestyle of farming or having a nice homestead. My second five year goal is to have lots of livestock at the farm like horses and chickens etc. i want to archive this because its always been my dads dream and i want to complete his dreams.
my third five year goal is to become captain of my own boat. i want to own a boat and i want to were the combination cover which is the white circle hat on the 3 men. my last fith year goal is to earn the rank chief petty officer in the navy which is a honor to all sailors in the U.S navy.
something i defiantly wanna see in 10 year is cleaner streets because it helps everyone who live around there to breathe healthy air. i plan on seeing this by telling everyone to do there part because its disgusting. another one is for everyone to have equal rights. it totally be awesome to see this go down everyone will be happy.


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