The Rise of the Rye Bailey Ramos Period 3

School's out for Summer by Alice Cooper

Relates to the book when Holden Leave Princeton. Also mention having no class and innocence which Holden is struggling to keep. For these reason I believe this song would fit well for the scene when he leave his school.

Monster by Imagine Dragons

This song relates to Holden by showing how he changes and is scared of how he changed or what he has become. The thing that he feared is what he became in the end. He became a adult, or a monster or corruption and impurity.

I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan

Holden just wants to be a kid again because his life is a nightmare. This song fits in because Holden see that everyone is off doing their own thing leaving him behind. He notice that everyone around him is changing cause of adulthood, but he isn't ready himself.

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

Throughout the story Holden is always wanting to call someone when he is depressed or lonely. He wishes he has someone he can call or turn to to help him. That's why i think this song relates to the book.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

Holden asks Sally to run away with him so they can start from the beginning. To forget everything they have and want and move somewhere else to start a new. This is why I think the song relates to the book.

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