Midterm Portfolio Luke Post

This is a multi exposure photograph with multiple elements stacked on one another and the images blended to show portions of all of them. In the top right there is a picture of Michael Jordan, mid-jump, rising towards the basket. This sits on the background of musical art for the rapper Logic that is painted and comprised of many colors. This blends in with a black and white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in the bottom left corner and all of these components center around the subject of the photo who is looking off into the distance.

The items in the photo are spaced out but still overlap to give the see-through effect. Michael Jordan sits atop the photo more so than blends, while the Brooklyn Bridge is squared and not tapered off to blend as much. The viewers eyes follow the progression of the blends as the photo carries their eyes from one component to another. There are leading lines with the shirt of the background album art coming up to the subjects face. The photo is offish as well with what appears to be two subjects due to the subject of one of the background images. The main subject is very close and the pieces put together make every inch count.

I wanted to show the interests of the subject in the photo and spread the images out in a neat and pleasing way. He enjoys basketball so I put Michael Jordan dunking in the corner where the basket fit well. He also listens to Logic so I incorporated album art from this artist because it had a nice array of colors and could fit well into the picture. It also had a small second element in the same photo of the album that makes it seem like there is a whole other element in the project as a whole. The Brooklyn Bridge in the bottom corner is black and white and shows his love of New York City while also sticking to the urban vibe of the project.

This project is a success because it covers the elements that were necessary while still having a nice flare. The images and elements fit well together as there is an urban feel to the whole project. The colors fit well together and there is a nice mixture of elements throughout the project. Although the picture of Michael Jordan could have been blended better. The composition points of leading lines, offish, get close, and make every inch count flow well together to make a neat, but compact image.

The subject of the photo is in a laying position but appears to floating off of the ground. The subject looks relaxed with a squinting expression from what is probably the sun in his eyes. In the far reaches of the background there is a school with large mirrors and red brick. Closer to the subject in the background there are picnic tables, empty and taken. In front of these picnic tables are bushes and grass with a shadow giving the impression of the subject floating.

This image encompasses the layered look and balance. The combination of grass in the foreground and background, the shadow under the subject, and the building in the background gives the viewer an understanding of where everything falls relative to the photographer. There is good balance with he subject spread across the center of the screen with a similar amount of negative space on either side of the main portion of the subject.

I wanted to really make the subject appear to float in this photo. To do this I made sure to have a shadow to make it seem more realistic. I also wanted the subject to seem to be floating with ease by putting him in a laid back pose and have him show no struggle on his face. The subject seems to be more concerned with the sun that's in his eyes than with the fact that he is floating which brings out the core purpose of the subject floating with ease.

This image captures the purpose well and the use of the bright sky and green grass gives the relaxing effect that was desired. The shadow really helps to make the subject to appear to float. The shadow could have been shaped a little once the object he was laying on was removed to make it seem more realistic. The balance and layered look also make the picture seem more likely to be real and make the photo more convincing.

The subjects appear to be in a restaurant round a small round table. The subjects look grim and uninterested in the current events. The room is a small square with an opening out to a pipe system and top of a window with sunlight pouring through. The floor is darker than the walls surrounding them and there are tow booths with a stone pillar between them. The chairs that the subjects are on are barely visible and their clothes are casual everyday apparel.

The composition points achieved in this photo are think inside the box, balance and the layered look. The square of components surrounding the subjects draws the attention to them as they are sitting in the middle of the room. This also gives the photo balance as there are in the middle of the photo graph evenly spaced on either side of the table. The photo achieves the layered look as there are multiple components behind the subject showing that the scene clearly has depth.

I was trying to remix a photo where two men from a classical painting are sitting on opposite sides of a table facing the photo. The grim look of the subjects gives a melancholy feel to the photo. There is not too much to say as it was really just supposed to be a recreation of the pose in the photo that was being reenacted rather than attempting to copy the feel of the photo.

I think overall this project is a failure. The table is obviously photo shopped in and although the image was clone stamped well it is obvious that the subjects don't fit in the picture. The grim look does not accomplish anything either as it has nothing to do with the photo it was just how the photo that was placed on top of the background image came out. The composition points do not add anything to the photo either as they don't add to the purpose of the photo which was unclear from the start.

The photo contains a subject who is holding a sword that seems to be splitting his body compositionally with rolling hills in the background. The sword has an intricate design on the handle and a line leading up the middle of the flat side of the blade. The clouds are grey and the subject looks determined. Closer to the subject in the background is a small stone wall and tall grass following up the legs of the subject. The subject is in street clothes rather than armor matching the sword. There is also blue and red from the 3D elements of the photo.

This photo contains balance, the layered look, leading lines, and the shape of things. The subject splits the photo in half and centers the image filling up a good portion of the photo. In addition a wall brings the viewer's eyes across the foreground while the rolling hills in the background bring the viewer's eyes back to the subject. The photo is also layered as the subject is followed by a wall and hills while a layer of fog greys images more and more as you go father into the background.

I think that the photographer was trying to bring the subject of the photo into the world of the other elements of the photo. The sword gives a medieval feels that goes hand in hand with what appears to be a background image of somewhere in the United Kingdom. It is dreary as the subject seems to be on a difficult quest while his facial expression shows that he is ready for the challenge. The 3D element of the image also gives the viewer a feel that the subject is on an isolated journey.

Overall this photo is a success because of the coinciding elements of the photo. Although the subject is in street clothes, he is holding a sword which matches the feel of the background scenery. His facial expression also seems to go with what may be a quest he is on. By using his compositional points and 3D to focus on the subject, the photographer puts together a cohesive successful photo.

This photo is a multi-exposure piece with the main subject in the center of the photo. The subject is black and white with a focused look and hands that have money coming through to appear as the subject's skin. In the background there is barbed wire on what appears to be a prison fence next to a tan building. The sky is a bright blue with clouds that are puffy and stretching vertically up the image towards the word juvenile in sparkling letters.

The compositional points of this photograph are think inside the box, close up, and be offish. The lines of the fence, the pole, and the building create a frame around the subject in the photo for the think inside the box point, while the building makes the image a little off kilter due to the asymmetrical background it shapes. The view of the subject in close relation to the camera creates a close up and allows the money overlay to pop.

The feel that this image gives me is that the photographer wanted the viewer to believe the subject was tough... but not really and also give the viewer a good laugh. Putting hum up against a prison backdrop while showing the money overlay gives an organized crime vibe. The photographer wants you to see that the subject is very serious and this us shown by the look of focus on the subjects face, but the words juvenile in shiny lettering at the top indicate that it is in a joking manner and the subject is not really that tough at all.

Over all this photo is a success because it achieves the goal of the photographer: to create a humorous, ironic image. He does this by centering the picture around the subject using compositional points and using ironic lettering along with stereotypical elements of gang members. The viewer is left laughing and and happy with the overall piece due to the clever irony the photographer uses.

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