4.3.17 Social-Emotional Learning

Homeroom norms: honor the speaker, tune in and put your electronics away, open your heart & mind, and actively participate.


Group discussion or whip-around: what is each student's take-away on this quote?

Notebooks are needed today.

Current homeroom theme: gratitude

Here's a preview of something we'll dive into tomorrow:


As you watch the short video below, consider ways you could alter the idea to fit our homeroom culture.

In many of our homeroom lessons, articles read, videos watched, etc., research indicates that writing goals and/or gratitude down, on paper, is an actual tool to boost goal attainment or boost gratitude. Today, you'll do a version of this exercise.

Fun pencils!

Click the button, yes, that one! It'll take you to the activity instructions. :-D

Teachers: help students craft their letters as needed. Make suggestions on edits and/or format. Some students will need to see examples of how to hand write a letter. Click the button below for those examples.

If you're at this point in the lesson with time remaining until the bell, please help students edit their letters.

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