Sindbad TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First I would like to thank you for choosing me for that project that has an authentic feel to it and could easily remind us back to the old days when people used to listen to fairytales and stories.

Overall Look & Feel

Since this project is mainly about storytelling, I am aiming to work mostly on the visual story telling, to make it more tempting and interesting for the viewer. The main idea here is the change of sets and the hero's interaction to it along with the character who are visible in each set.

Character of Mesayataty

For the Mesayataty's Character I will like to have a special entrance for him facing his audience for the first time who are our viewers. And will also end with positioning him in front of a huge mockup of our oil product Sinbad and several small ones.

Reference for the Mock up of the product

He also will be the one who introduces the product and put it in our set, while interacting with the props of each set without interfering the main story of the characters.

Costumes of Mesayataty

I believe since our brand is called Sinbad and we have a main character narrating and supposed to be giving the mood of the Arabian nights, I highly advise that we should make him dress as with a sense of fairytale taste not typically as a Sinbad but from the same era to create a sort of resemblance between this character and our brand identity so that the viewer relates right away to the ad when he sees him. However the more he moves the more he will change his costumes, like taking off his hat or vest and looking more casual to match our contemporary look of set design.

Reference for Costumes
Copy 1 - Kitchen

In our first copy the main locations for us will be the apartment, starting with the entrance of the neighborhood where our jester is entering the house and introducing our house wife in the kitchen trying to cook. We here see the food first when it looks very bad and burned and then when it looks good after our jester gives her the Sinbad oil. Then we see her guests coming from apartment door and ending with the dinning table where she serves the food at start where her guests seem disgusted and scared to eat and another time after she uses the oil where we see her guests happy from the food.

Reference for Food before and After

We also see how the jester positions the product and interacts with the kitchen props like when he tries to replace an older oil product with Sinbad's product, or when he opens the fridge to search for something to eat, or when he tries to taste her food before Sinbad's oil and we see the irritated reaction on his face from the food.

Mesayataty's interaction with characters

Reference to how he will assist the housewife while presenting her dish

Housewife's look

Our house wife is our main character after the Sinbad in this copy as the whole action revolves around her. So we need to show how her life before and after our product was like and most importantly see the difference in the kitchen. We could show how she burned the food before and now she looks very neat and confident in her kitchen, serving her guests happily in the dinning room.

Reference for Character & Wardrobe
Copy 2 - Kebda Truck

In our second copy the main location will at start the Kebda guy's motorcycle where he heads to the old Kebda truck then we see the Jester going to the supermarket to get him the oil product and then at the end we see the Kebda truck purely new, stylized and has seated chairs after our main character started using our Sinbad product. Since the main technique all over the copies is the change of locations and Sinbad's transitions, this is why we added the two starting stories for this copy.

Reference of Kebda guy's motorcycle

We will also see our jester passing through streets fights or a lot of crowd till he reaches the truck. We could also have a scene where the owner of the truck prepares the mixture of the recipe in another place and we see Sinbad observing his steps.

As we did with the first copy here we will also see the food before and after the usage of our product.

Reference for the Food before & after
Reference of how the hero will interact with the set and how choreographed it will seem with the cast

Visual Look

Truck Owner's Character

We need to feel like he's very Egyptian yet completely stylized; hardworking and tired in a way but also loving his truck and his sandwiches to the extend that he will switch to anything in order to keep his business. We can also have him have a small assistant who is a young boy and create interactions between him and Sinbad.

Reference for the Owner and Assistant

The Truck

We have to show how this is a poor yet very stylized neighborhood as we have shown the very modern contemporary location in our first copy, here we need to keep the same style to make all the copies match and have the same harmony.

Reference for Kebda Truck

Mother & Child in Kitchen

Here we start the Jingle with the mother and daughter, looking a like as if they were clones singing along the lyrics while they are cooking and the mother teaching her daughter how to cook and follow her same steps which is using our Sinbad product.

Reference for Mother & daughter

Married Couple in Kitchen

In this sequence we can shoot in the same setup as the one used in Copy 1 with the main female character while she is cooking to make a sense of continuity between the jingle and the two main copies.

Customer & Seller

Building up on the same concept as the previous sequence, here we will also use the location of the second copy, leaving our main character which is the food truck seller along with one the buyer to let people connect between both copies the minute they watch the jingle.

Supermarket buyer

Here the supermarket has to be very eye catchy and stylized which will be reflected from the mood and colors of the location. We will only use the front desk of the seller and and the buyer coming from between the shelves, which will not cause the need to build an entire set for the supermarket.

Reference for the supermarket look
Thank you
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Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

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