Children's crusade The MOTIVATION by lucas basile

Stephen and Nicholas became leaders of the children's crusade in 1212 (there is no specific date). These kids' motives were to drive away the Muslims from the holy land where Jesus was crucified. This was the last crusade because the first 4 were not that successful. This seems to be the main motive for these children. These kids also believed that their purity would help recover such a place, which is why they went with no weapons and only banners and crosses, hoping to split the Red Sea. In France, Stephen, a Christian boy, had a dream where Christ appeared to him in humble street clothes and told him to deliver King Philip the ll the heavily letter. Then, 12 year old Shepherd boy Stephen of Clyoes came into King Phillip ll's court. The king rejected this meeting with the young kids and said he's "not amused" and told them to "go home". However, the kids did not listen to this religious King (who later on became a saint) for they were too enthusiastic about going on this so called crusade. Not listening to him was not a wise move by the children, because those who did listen to the king were replaced by other children that believed what Stephen was saying. Then all the children met up with one another in France in only about a months' time and assembled a holy army with no weapons. Though the elders were impressed with these young believers, some adults protested this so called crusade. But there were not enough of them and these kids certainly out numbered the adults. Soon they met up with another young believer his name was Nicholas.

Stephen and his army approached Germany. One boy named Nicholas who was from Germany was preaching the same message, claiming that " we children can do better than grown men and trained soldiers". Nicholas went before a shrine and three kings and said proclaimed his message. He was able to gather 50,000 children and some adults. The adults were not leaders, but they were just there and part of the protest Nicholaswas going on about, stating how "we can do better". He had a natural and outgoing way about him he could speak really well in public and persuade people to believe and fight , similar to the way Peter could. He persuaded most of the girls because the majority of the army was full of girls .Though he did not know what would happen, he was cocky and thought he could do anything like split the sea with his will, which is proposterous because only Moses, a true prophet of God could preform such a miracle, but they did not know that either. He also thought his innocence and purity could deliver him the victory just like Stephen. The Pope blessed them with bravery but told them they were" too young" for such a venture but they didn't listen. Theyreally thought they could travel all this way, and then on top of that defeat the Muslims. The children crusaders split up into 2 parties after everyone was gathered. Nicholas's group then went on through the Alps and lost of two thirds of their people before they even got to the Pope but (surprise, surprise) but they kept going. From then on the story was a disaster.

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