AuGUST 2020 EDITION Barossa United FC

First PAGES of A NEW chapter

It is with great excitement that we can formally announce; at a specially convened meeting on the 3rd August, the Club's new name, logo and branding were unanimously supported.

We are Barossa United FC

At the Club AGM in January this year, we officially merged the administration of the Barossa United Junior Soccer Club with the Men's Team administration, already incorporating the Women's Team. Thus 'Junior' was removed from our name to reflect the united club. After poling our members on 'soccer' versus 'football' being the appropriate description of our sport, the solid 40% to 60% result determined we should move away from the term 'soccer'. The committee also took into account the direction other progressive clubs and leagues are taking on this issue. There is an evolution in Australia to call our sport by it's internationally recognised name, and to follow in the FFA direction and name change in 2005. We are now a truely united Barossan Football Club.

The rebrand

This has been a lengthy process with countless hours put into the overall design process by Danielle Triandafyllidis, working with the committee. With the current branding serving us well over the years, but looking more than a little tired, we could see an opportunity to refresh, rebrand and reinvigorate the Club.

The logo design is fresh and clean, smart and versatile. The green from the current branding has been retained, although the hue has been tweaked a little. The burgundy and black have been replaced by a dark 'Shiraz' blue and vibrant green gradients reflect the vineyard rows of our landscape. If you look a little closer, some see a wine glass in the shield shape too.

To reinforce the nature of our Club, it was considered important to include graphic reference to the football to avoid any confusion with AFL. The Club's establishment in 1989 has also been incorporated to ensure our members and community are aware of the Clubs long history well into the future.

The logo's inspiration and possible future applications.
Evolution and change can be difficult with sports clubs and we all become attached to the tribal identity of our clubs; the clubs we play for and support. Please be assured that this has been a lengthy process with more than 8 months of design options and consultation to come to this final design. We believe it epitomises the strengths of our community and we hope our members embrace it and wear it with pride.
A big thanks to all the committee members for their efforts, hard work and support in bringing this all together. This is a small piece of the puzzle that the committee is still putting together in the background. As we move forward as a united club we hope to have more exciting news soon.

George Triandafyllidis

Barossa United FC President

Contact Us

The Committee Members are always available to have a chat about how you can help out at the Club, or if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss please feel free to contact us.

George Triandafyllidis - President – 0411 053 151 – president@barossaunited.com.au

Lisa Ognjanovic - Secretary – 0410 917 824 – admin@barossaunited.com.au