The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt Good Life Performance assignment by Emily Sabas

The Spatial Experience: As I entered the auditorium I felt very excited but also a little nervous because I was uncertain of what the show would be about and what problems will be addressed.

I believe I had one of the best seats in the house! I sat center stage in the first row of the second tier of seats , so I was more or less level with the stage. I had a lot of leg room and the characters even ran directly in front of me. My seat gave me the optimal view of the stage and helped to engross me in the play.

I was anxiously waiting for the show to start, so when the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I was super excited! It felt similar to when you finally get to get on a ride after waiting in line for an hour. I was relieved I didn't have to wait anymore.

The auditorium wasn't so small that I felt I was too close to the actors, but it wasn't so big that I couldn't see or became easily distracted by what else was going on in the room. I would say the size of the room was perfect for staying focused on the play but not feeling uncomfortably intimate with the actors.

I believe that location and place are important to living a good life. To live a good life you need to feel safe and comfortable in your environment. That's not to say you shouldn't go outside your comfort zone, but you must be able to feel confident in your ability to thrive in your environment in order to pursue the good life.

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The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friend Sydney. To get ready for the performance I dressed nice-causal because I know theater attire is very nice.

Attending with my friend made my experience more enjoyable and then we could talk about it directly after and see if we had similar experiences.

I think that the good life is filled with shared experiences. Most experiences are more fun and enjoyable when shared with others.

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The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: I felt that there were a few issues addressed in the play. One was the resistance of the church and the public to accept theater that exposed human faults and questioned morality. Another issue addressed was too expose to the truth or cover it up. Many characters in the play were covering up things that were wrong. The play also addressed poverty vs. privilege and questioned the authority of the catholic church.

Before attending the play I had known that the catholic church had a hidden history of sexual assault and harassment (especially to boys and young men). I also new that the labor laws in the early 1900's did not protect the workers and that factories were very dangerous.

After watching the play, I realized the importance of theater to society. Although I love the theater and have been somewhat active in the theater community, I never realized the role of the theater for society to expose the real human condition with flaws and all.

I was raised catholic, so it is interesting to see the dark side of the catholic church.

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The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides a great opportunity for katharsis because it exposes the flaws in so many different types of people. The the rich, poor, holy greedy, innocent and ignorant are all forced to face their wrong doings. The play shows that nobody, regardless of their class, is perfectly moral and innocent. Every character must come to recognize and in some way or another, admit to their faults.

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