who am i carlos rios

one of my interest is watching soccer, everytime my team is playing i try not to miss any of the games but when i do, i check the score online. Another interest i have is boxing, i am in boxing and i like watching it too, everytime there is important fights i order them on payperview. Im trying to get better at boxing because i wanna become a pro boxer. My style is simple i wear normal t-shirts sometimes i wear polos and jeans, but my shoes have to be authentic, i love shoes like jordans, they are expensive but i dont mind wasting all that money on shoes.

i dont pay attencion to what other people think about me but i think that they think that im a bad kid, i mean i kinda am so i dont blame em, but again i dont care, some of my teachers that im cool with say im a good kid but they dont really know me.

i act like myself but when it comes to a girl i like i try to act to according to what they are like, i think every guy does that. when i get in trouble with the law i try to act like a good kid because they check your attitude. Other than that


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