Fitt and Said BY:Nimrit

I am your personal trainer and I will tell you all about how to stay fit and healthy. It is very important for you to be fit to be healthy. Our health is an very big part of our lives, so you should take good care of it because you only get it once. There are lots of benefits of staying fit such as a healthy heart,strong bones,reduces the risk of illnesses, better at sports and you will get more self-confidence in yourself.

Fitt means frequency,intensity, time and type. Frequency means how often you do the exercise. Intensity depends on how hard you exercise. Time means how long you exercised for and finally type means what type of exercise you do. You always need to remember these four phrases while exercising so you know if you are doing well or not. Said stands for Specific , adaption, Imposed and demand. Said means that the body is always trying to get better at exactly what you practice.

1.Running/jogging-You should always go on a run or jog at least 4-5 days in a week with counting the p.e time you get in school. Spending just 15-30 min running 4-5 days in a week, can make you get fit in no time. When you go out for an run you should always split up the time between running and jogging to challenge your self then just jogging the whole way.One way you can enjoy running is by taking a friend along when you go or listen to music on your way. Running and jogging is a really good activity for your heart.

2. Join a sport- The best thing to do would be join an sport because you would have 2-3 days of practice a week and least 1 game a week. Practices would be usually an hour long and games can take over an hour to complete. I would recommend joining a sport that you are interested in and not just because your friend had joined it. Joining a sport is amazing and covers all the requirements needed for you to become fit.

3. Push ups- You should be doing at least 25 push ups everyday to stay fit. Doing push ups is important because you will have strong muscles and it is a very good exercise for you wrists, abs and ankles which makes your ankles not get sprained easily. Push ups can just me done at your house, you can place a mat underneath so your hands don't hurt. Push ups are a great exercise for your abs if you do them properly.

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