Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit Learning Outcome #4

  • Notes from Office Visit:
  • Ms. Roberts notes that I did not study well enough for this exam. She suggests I study for 2 weeks for the exam. She also noted that I needed to attend weekly tutoring (twice a week) for the exam as well as better preparation for the class itself. She liked the recite and record idea but suggested I use her Quizlet sets as well.

New Study Plan

  • 2 weeks before exam date:
  • Study 2 hours DAILY from 3-5 in the afternoon.
  • Attend 2 study sessions per week.
  • Attend 1 group session from fellow classmates at least twice.
  • Use Quizlet sets
  • Create your own set of physical flashcards
  • Use recite and record method 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks outside of other study techniques

Final Reflection

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this module for many reasons. One being that I learned SO much from this experiment. Not only do I have feedback from my instructor on how to study but also for how long and what techniques I should use. However filling out this form was a little difficult because I was extremely disappointed in my grade and embarrassed to discuss this with my teacher. But, now I know what steps I need to take in order to improve my grade. So for the next step I will follow all ideas that my instructor suggested as well as attend additional study groups and use the recite and record method daily to review class material. Overall, this module was very interesting and helped me learn how to improve my grade and study habits.


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