Wellbeing Update Week 11 - juLy 1st

Nearly there!!

For all but Year 3, whose OSCE's are next week, this year is almost at an end and the summer holidays beckon. This will be the last weekly update for now, although we will publish them occasionally over the summer, and particularly with a view to supporting students approaching resits. Thank you so much for your positive response - the views each week have hovered around the 300+ mark, and many students have taken the time to write personally to say how much they have enjoyed them. I think it's safe to say that these updates will become a regular feature of the Wellbeing and Development Service in the future.

Summer Homework!!

Cesare Catá, a high school teacher in Italy gave his students some excellent "homework"for the summer. Here are a few of his ideas....
Sometimes, in the morning, take a walk along the sea or lake shore or riverbank completely alone: look at the way the light is reflected in the water, think about the things you love most in your life, and be happy!
Try to use some of the new ideas, language and concepts you learned this year: the more things talk about, the more you'll think and reflect, and the more you think, the freer you'll be.
Play lots of sport!!
If you meet someone you find enchanting, tell him or her as sincerely and gracefully as you can. It doesn't matter if they don't understand - if they don't, it wasn't meant to be; otherwise your summer will be a golden time together. If it doesn't work out, go back and play some more sport!!
Read as much as you possibly can, but not because you have to. Read because summers inspire adventures and dreams, and when you read you are like a swallow in flight. Read because it's the best form of rebellion you have.
At least once this summer, watch the sunrise. Stay silent and breathe. Close your eyes. Be thankful.
If you feel sad or afraid, don't worry; summer, like every marvellous thing in life, can throw the soul into confusion. Try keeping a diary as a way of exploring how you feel. If issues arise, we could talk about them in September.
Dance! Shamelessly!! On the dance floor or alone. Summer is dance, and it's foolish not to take part.
In the sparkling sunlight or the hot summer nights (you can tell this was written by an Italian!!), dream about how your life could and should be. During the summer, always do everything you can to avoid giving up, and everything you can to pursue your goals.
Avoid things, situations and people who make you feel negative or empty. Seek out stimulating situations and the companionship of friends and family who enrich you, understand you, and appreciate you for who you are.

Be good!!!

Very happy Eid to everyone celebrating next week!!
The winners of the YouTube playlist quiz were Dr Amy Robinson and her colleagues in room 5.19 A £10 Tesco voucher goes to them for their tea fund!! Answers are on the playlist now.

I've saved my favourite funny video till last....

Members of the wellbeing team will be available throughout the summer. Email us on medsupport@liv.ac.uk if you need us.

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