Raccoons By:Madeline Kline

Raccoons are extremely intelligent creatures who get their hands on every little interesting thing they see. They make messes by digging in garbage cans and doing other damage by looking for food. Raccoons have very flexible toes so they are capable of digging in garbage cans and getting food. They are nocturnal so they are most active at night. Their mating season runs January through March. In the article About Raccoons it stated, “Because the male raccoon shows aggressive behavior toward the baby raccoons, the mother only tolerates him being around her during mating and then raises her young alone.” This shows how the mother takes on all the responsibility for taking care of her young. The babies stay with their mothers for about a year after they are born. Raccoons make many different noises such as hisses, whistles, screams, growls, and snarls. They do this when they and their young are in harm's way and for many other reasons. Raccoons are curious and intelligent creatures.

This video shows how a raccoon is so intelligent and curious. They try to get there hands on every little thing they think is food.

This is a family of raccoons. It is the mother in her babies because the father does not live with his babies because he shows aggressive behavior toward them.
These pictures have all aged racoons. They are pictures from when they are just born till when they are an adult.
Raccoons are one of the primary carriers of the rabies virus.
Raccoons can run up to speeds of 15mph.
Racoons can fall about 35 to 40 feet without injuring themselves.


These websites are about raccoons habitats, characteristics, life cycle, behavior, and many ere things. They give you tons of interesting information and facts. For example they tell you what they eat and they are omnivores so they eat mostly everything. It helps you to understand the raccoons way of life.


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