FITT and SAID Gagan 8F

What does FITT mean?

FITT is a type of formula to help you monitor your exercise program. FITT stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type. Frequency means how often you exercise the frequency of exercise. Intensity means how hard you exercise. The best way to measure your exercise is to measure your heart rate. The time means how much time you spend for your exercise or how long you exercise for. Type is for what type of exercise you are doing.

What does SAID mean?

SAID stands for specific, adaptation, imposed, and demand. Specific stands for a certain body part you are working out for after an amount of time it will be easier for you to do the exercise. Adaptations means when it refers to your body adapting to the stress on the body part. Imposed means how much weight or cardio are you going to put on for your muscles and how much you do of the exercise. Demand means if you demand to little from you body you can get lazy and start to just sit around. If you demand to little from your body you can hurt and you can injure your muscles.

This is the program I made for a grade 8 student. First in the morning they would go for a jog for 1 hour. They should first walk about 5-8 minutes before jogging. For the rest of the time they can jog taking a few breaks in between. In the afternoon they can go for a bike ride for about 15 minutes. Next they can do about 6 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 10 burpees. They can then take a break and drink water for about 3 minutes. They can start again by doing 1 minute planks two times and taking a break of 30 seconds between, doing planks for about 3 minutes, and 15 squats. This exercise routine should help you get fit and healthy over time. Once you do this for about a week you can increase the amount.

Jog: A jog helps many muscles one of them is helping you tone your calf muscles.

Bike ride: A bike ride helps with your thighs and your hamstrings.

Push ups: A push up helps with shoulders, chest, core, and scapular stabilizers.

Sit ups: A sit ups helps with abdominal muscles, hip flexers, and legs.

Burpees: A burpee helps with arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs.

Planks: A plank helps with glutes hamstrings, proper posture, and improves your balance.

Squats: A squat helps with building leg muscle, develops muscle building, helps tone muscles, and burns fat.

The program I made fits in with FITT because I included how often you have to do this exercise. I wrote that you can take breaks because it can get hard doing a lot of exercises at once. I included how much time you should exercise for each.

The program I made fits with SAID because I talked about which body part the exercise was benefiting. I talked about increasing the amount because our body slowly adapts do the stress. I also wrote how much of the exercise was needed and how much cardio was needed. I also made sure I didn't put to much pressure because that would injure the body and not too little which would be lazy for the body.

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