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Political: Russia is a multi-party system. It has two chambers: The State Duma—the lower house

The Federation Council—the upper house

The State Duma: All bills, even those proposed by the Federation Council, must first be considered by the State Duma.

The Federation Council:

1. Working with The State Duma to complete and vote the draft law.

2. The declaration of a presidential election

3. Impeachment of the President

4. Decisions on the use of the armed forces outside Russia’s territory.


Income Category : Upper middle income

GNI Per Capita (US$): 11,400

GDP (USD) 1,176

Economic Growth : -3.7%


Language — Russian is the common official language throughout the Russian Federation understood by 99% of its current inhabitants. When it comes to the international corporation in Russia, It may occurs some problem of Idea delivery, discordant social environment, adjustment for Russian managers and employees.

Conflict between collectivism and individualism— Russian managers tend to share and work out the problems together, and they get awarded for a group. When westerner managers emphasized on the personal abilities.

Salary and welfare— Russian managers are paid much less than westerner expatriates, who, in addition, have large living allowances, live in better accommodation and have a chauffeur.

Education—Russia has a quite high education overall, Russia have the second highest attainment of college-level education in the world, the youth are very enthusiastic to be learning and being trained.


1. Key constraints

Internet users (2013): 61.4%

• Possibly result in communication problem -> form of communication cannot be standized to one (e.g. Email)

• Possibly resut in advertising or mrketing issues -> many advertisement nowadays is less costly to be online


• Lack of technology may affect the productivity -> importing technology for production can be costly.

• Poor technology -> low productivity

Conclusion:Russia is a multi-party system, the completion of the work by the state, for Russia and the west, Russia's remuneration is lower than the west, for education, Russia is higher education. As for the economic, this country is upper middle income, then, Restrictions on the Internet, advertising marketing and import prices are more expensive.

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