Got Juice? The tale of a girl and a dead phone

Think of a time when you desperately needed to charge your phone. You came prepared, charger and all, but you can't find an outlet! Luckily, if you're a student at Wright State, you've never had that problem.

In this ever-changing society, it's hard to imagine a world without laptops, phones, and tablets. But even if you have your phone on your person, if it's dead, then it's nothing but a bulky, fragile, crappy mirror. Wright State has said, "No way!" to the idea of electronics dying on you by providing several ways and places to power up between classes.

There are charging stations all over campus just like this one, located outside the STAC, but who wants to stand by a bookshelf for twenty minutes while their phone charges? WSU has you covered.


Under desks, next to chairs, ON THE FLOOR! You can even charge up while you take a quick power nap!

Waiting for your boyfriend who is taking his merry time in the restroom? There's an outlet for that!

Need to know the time because your phone's dead? There's an outlet for THAT!

Impractical as the location may be, Wright State's got your charging needs covered!

There is, of course, the occasional let-down, when a promising outlet doesn't actually work. But there are so many all around, you could probably turn around and find a working one within FEET of you!

Just be careful not to unplug anything important (like the vending machines) while you charge up.

So do your portable electronics a quick pick-me-up? Is your phone dying? Need a little more juice in your laptop before your three hour class? No worries.

Like a good friend or a loyal pet, Wright State has your back.


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